We sometimes attach more than material value to some of the things around the house. Probably that is why there are still few things at home that, to others, are only worthy of being dumped into the garbage can. An old painting. A broken tape recorder. A hand written card that carries no value now. And many such teeny tiny nothings to which we bond emotionally. Sentimental values can never be matched by money.

Over the years we have also come to understand people love their Lampshades too. When buying a new one can be much more inexpensive than getting an old one restored, they still opt for the latter option. Naturally. And we understand why.

When we received this Lampshade as a wedding gift, we were only happy to use it as a bedside lamp. It was like that for a long time, until one day… when we thought a little change would not hurt us. And what did we do instead of buying a new one - We gave it colors and added a little bling to it. It was back in our DIY days. We were happy that we could retain our old wedding gift.


We get requests to restore or replace older lampshades, and more often than not, there is always a story behind it. Belonged to my father. Or was the first thing I bought with my earning. Or has been there for a long time with us. It is the emotional connect that makes these projects all the more worthwhile. Here’s three of such projects that we did recently.

Beautiful vintage base

The base was beautiful. Wrought iron. And power coated to a pretty grey. The shade was completely broken. The diffuser inside and the frame was broken.Apparently it belongs to the customer’s father and so came with a lot of sentimental value. We decided to use the same frame by fixing it with a little bit of welding. The fabric was chosen from a list of available ones. And oh boy ! We were glad we took up this project.

A quirky base

This one belonged to the same customer. After we did the first one, she decided to hand over the next to us. The base kinda seemed really odd. But the overall effect was nice and pleasing. The fabric on the lampshade was intact, but the sheen had died and was screaming to be replaced. We carefully removed the fabric and the diffuser without damaging the frames. The fabric again was chosen by the customer. And the new look rocked.

Flat wooden base

The customer walked into our showroom in OMR with this wooden base. It was bought in a well known store in Chennai some 10 years ago and the shade above was long gone. They wanted a new shade to be built around the base. And after a cursory look at the available shades in our studio, the customer picked a particular fabric. Orange always rules. Right ?

Lampshade repair and restoration is fun. More so because of the back stories they carry.

We have started taking lampshade restoration projects at our studio located at 

Woodooz Home Decors,
3/371, 1st Floor,
Metukuppam, Thoraipakkam,
Old Mahabalipuram Road,
Chennai 600097

If you need more details, you can walk into our studio or simply leave us a mail at contact@woodooz.com or just give us a call at +919884070470.  
WOODOOZ is SOON opening its own brick and mortar showroom here in OMR, the IT highway of Chennai and we are working on a range of new products to stock in our store. The first in the series that we are launching is the book shelf lampshade that is a perfect bedroom companion, an ideal living room consort and a gorgeous decor element to woo your guests away.

While it may seem like a book lover's paradise, it is also a perfect space to for you to place plant holders, quaint urlis, pen holders or any function item that you would want to highlight under the light.

Does the idea interest you ? While we are going to exclusively stock and sell them from our physical store, this lampshade is available now on pre-order for at a pre-launch price of only Rs.3500. Shipping though, for the moment is limited to Chennai ?


Length : 13 inches
Width : 7 inches
Height from bottom to top of shade :23 inches
Shade width : 10 inches
Shade height : 8 inches
The shade can also be chosen from the list of drum shaped lampshades we offer in our online shop.

All pre-orders will take a minimum of 10 days for delivery.

Work is currently underway to get our showroom up and running for the launch date. The launch, will be in the first week of June and the date will be announced soon. Meanwhile, if you indeed like this lampshade, do help spread the word. Am you someone from your friends or family list would surely want to lay their hands on it. More coming up, SOOOON.

P,S. For pre-orders, mail me at somu@woodooz.com or Whatsapp me at 9884070470

Before anything, have you checked out our new SPOTLIGHT series lampshades we launched on Valentine's day ? Please do.

Working with hand painted fabric for our lampshades is something we have not tried before. Though we had extensively worked worked with digital print of hand painted art, this was something entirely new.

It started as a regular conversation with the founder of TROVE (Nayantara Sarkar) who sells very gorgeous hand painted goodies. The paintings add a touch of elegance and class to ordinary products like milk cans and enamelwares and trays and others that she works on. It was an invitation to make a pendant lampshade with one of her pretty hand painted fabrics.

I did not make much of it until the fabric landed up in my house the very next day. To say it was beautiful was an understatement. After lot of deliberation, we decided that we will do table lamps to do more justice to the painting. I would rather have such a wonderful piece of art sitting right beside me than hanging somewhere up there. And thus started one of our best works ever.

So far we have been working on printed fabrics, kalamkaris, Ikats and the likes of it for our lampshades. This was the first time we were using handpainted fabric and we were really not sure how the result is going to be. And that made it a lot more exciting for us.

Everytime I take a break in the making process, I would put the fabric around the light just to get a feel of the look. And everytime it only upped my curiosity. And here is how it turned out to be after completion. One square shaped and one cylindrical shaped lampshades. We instantly fell in love with it. How about you ?

For more of our lampshade collections, do visit our online shop or our Facebook page.

Meanwhile, remember the Facebook contest we were running for Valentine's day. The winner was Mahalakshmi Rao who recommended the name "SPOTLIGHT" for our new series of lampshades. Here's what she had to say about the prize she received from us.

Launching this Valentine's day

First things first:
  • We are launching our new range of table lamps on Valentine’s day
  • There is a contest in there for you (scroll down) and you can win one of our petite dainty lampshades. 
Now read on.

Loads of exploration has been going in the Woodooz studio and we have been working on getting newer versions of our table lamp into the market. After having worked with metal shades, and shades with a combination of wood and stainless steel, we have been wanting to do something traditional with wood and thus came about the idea for this version of table top lamps. Nothing new. Yet, a completely original Woodooz masterpiece that we are launching on the 14th of Feb, 2017.

Premium quality wooden lampshades

We have been seeing lot of bases with MDF and artificial wood and other materials with faux wood finish. We wanted something authentic. Something that is made of first quality wood. Something that is durable and adorable at the same time. And so for our new table lamps, we use best quality pine and teak wood. The wood we use comes directly from the timber store which allows us to pick only the finest degree pieces.

Impeccable finish and wide range of shades

The finish is pristine with walnut, rosewood, teakwood and natural colors. The grains on the wood surface combined with our workmanship gives a spectacular look to the finished product. It is indeed a statement piece that you would love to own and be proud to show off. We are keeping in mind your sensibilities and tastes and are one hundred percent sure that this would be a show stopper and a conversation starter in your living room. You most certainly will have a wide range of shades to choose from. Know what we are calling this range of lampshades ? This is where we need your help. Read on.

Contest / Giveaway details (Ends 13th Feb)

we are looking to YOU to come out with a nice name for this range of tablelamps. Something unique, original and uber cool. The winning entry would win a brand new petite table lamp. Game ? Here are the rules and eligibility criteria (You can directly jump to the embeded post on FB).
  1. You should have liked our woodooz.com FB page
  2. Share this post in your timeline (Ensure you change the setting to public view)
  3. Suggest a name for this range of table lamps in the FB post comment. (Click here to go to the post comment)

All the above three criteria needs to be fulfilled for eligibility. The winning entry (To be decided by a neutral judge would win this lovely dainty lampshade.

You can leave as many name suggestions as you want. If two of you have commented the same name, the one who had commented first would be considered. The contest is open for anyone around the world. However, the winning lampshade will only be shipped to an Indian address (We havent started shipping internationally yet). GAME ? Help us will ya in giving us a really cool name for this range. 

Looking forward. Wear your thinking hats and let the creativity out. The contest closes on the 13th of Feb, midnight..  
 Five Ways to have an Interior Make Over

A makeover needn’t mean pulling down the roof or buying a room full of new furniture. Sometimes tiny changes or additions will make a room feel new and fresh. Here you can explore some easy ways to do up with your home. These will fit within a small budget and are perfect to welcome your guests this festive season
      A Place for everything and everything in Place- Organize your space

In our home we often find things that do not belong in a space- either because it belongs elsewhere in our home or it doesn’t belong in our home any longer. Old newspapers, clothes, wire, toys and so on. We have the tendency to hold on to things either because we think we may need them in the future or if we hold an emotional attachment to it.  If you find stuff lying around idle for over 6 months, you probably won’t find a use for it ever. Dispose them, donate them, swap them with friends. Things that are close to your heart could be neatly organized and packed in cartons to be put in the attic or loft. Either ways, clutter is the culprit. According to Feng Shui, clutter disrupts a smooth flow of energy in your space. So clear them, organize them, find a space for everything in the house.

2    Choose the color theme

Half of your tidying up is done once everything finds a place in your home. Second comes the choice of color that plays a vital role in setting the mood. Color needn’t mean repainting the wall or changing your furniture. Add accents to your room in the form of upholstery- cushions, throw away pillows, curtains, sofa covers could all be used to get the desired look and feel. These will also not leave a hole in your pocket and would fit within a small budget

      Decide on the lighting

The other day we were speaking to the CEO of Max Retail. He mentioned that he is wanting to change the interiors of all stores in the town and the first thing he was looking at changing was lighting. Lighting plays a pivotal role in any interior make over. Lamps and lamp shades are always a mood setter for those lovely dinners with friends and relatives. They also could make for a statement piece or a conversation starter. Choose the lighting as per your space and need. You could also match them with the color theme and style you choose

      Mix and match your bedding with curtains

Be bold and mix and match bedding and curtain- colors, prints, style. Whatever style your room may be- be it contemporary, eclectic or ethnic, be open to putting different pieces together to get that desired look. Especially in India, we have such beautiful collection of handloom material- each with its own unique style and finesse. While floral prints go very well in a contemporary space, shiboris, ikats, kanchis and kalamkaris work beautifully well in a typical Indian ethnic home. Watch them transform your home into a dreamy one.

5.       Wall hangings, antiques and stuff

      Add wall hangings, antiques and other shoe pieces that add further life to the space and bind everything together. Make sure they are matched with the theme and style of your space. You could also choose them depending on the room. You could hang a piece of art in foyers or focus wall. Bring in some indoor plants to add life to your interiors.