Lamp Shade - The magic of black and white

DIY lampshade using fabric
Fabric lamp shade
Made for a friend. She needed just a lamp shade. She already had a lamp stand for it. The only requirement was that it needs to match the drawing room accessories, and particularly the zebra striped sofa cushion. Rather, she just wanted something in black and white.                          

The frame was made using the wooden sticks nailed together and an inner layer of tracing sheet was glued to the frame. For the fabric, we spent sometime shopping until we found the one that we liked. Instead of going for the stripes, we decided to go for the spots. And the result was quite satisfying.
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- Somu

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  1. Love the universal black & white combination !!! Infact, all your lamp shades are lovely !!

  2. Hi Emreen, thanks : ) Glad you like them all :)

  3. wow , mond blowing!! I am seriously inspired to make one for myself.Do you think I can do it?Maybe try something small with hand made paper first.Also might need you guidance a little bit more.Is it ok if I mail you for advice.

  4. wow!! wow!! this one is a stunner!!

  5. Sarmistha, I did send a detailed e-mail on how this was done... not sure if it reached ya... Do let me know and thanks a lot :)

    Particia, thanks again...

  6. have a great collection of diy projects here..i am quite surprised and happy to find an Indian blog on how to make these lovely show pieces from scratch..Do you have any post on a lampshade which is wall mounted or hanging one?Any input on that will be helpful...Thanks and looking forward to even more good diys..

    1. Hi Usha, Thanks for dropping by and leaving your thoughts. I do plan to do a hanging light sometime soon. I am waiting for the navratri festival to get over before I can start and complete it. Do let me know your Email so that I can keep you updated. I can also help should you need any inputs before that. Just shoot me a mail to

  7. Fantastic Post! Lot of information is helpful in some or the other way. Keep updating.silver replacement reflector cup lamp shades


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