Lamp Shade / Floor Lamp - Our first sale

This one was interesting. Because we were making the floor lamp for someone else. And because they were paying for it. So, officially this was our first sale
And so extra care went into the making of it. We decided to have the base and the shade made separately, unlike the earlier one which was one single piece. The reason for it was a) to try something different this time and b) having the base separately enables easier replacement of bulbs.

DIY floor lamp,lamp shade
Floor lamp / Lamp Shade
Again, we used the wooded sticks for making the frame of the shade all of which were nailed together. The base was made with wooden linings (Edge bandings) that one normally uses for covering the exposed edges of plywood. They are about 3/4th of an inch wide, and less than 4mm thick. The base was built by sticking the wooden linings together using fevibond.

The cotton fabric was matched with the requirement of the buyer and a tracing sheet was used as the inner layer. The use of the tracing sheet is two fold : 1) Prevents the transfer of heat from the bulb directly to the fabric and 2) Does not expose the light directly to the eyes and hence enhances the look of the fabric when lit
- Somu

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  1. Lovely shade... Lovely choice of fabric... !!

  2. oh gosh!! the lampshades are one better than the other.. Love this colour too!!

  3. Emreen, Patricia, thanks... this shade sure is special :)

  4. somu,
    as a hobby, all your wood works are amazingly suuper. especially the 'lamps'. did you visit 'homedepot' during your recent US visit? a person like you, there were so many handy things, useful for you.


  5. Hello Chithi, Thanks a lot :) I love the lamps too... I did visit home depot when I was there... Infact visited the place some 5 times in the 3 weeks of my visit... and true, there were so many things... Bought few that I needed here :)

  6. Hello Somu,
    Do you remember the dimensions of this lamp (L x W x H). Can you please share? Trying to follow up what you have made here.

    Also, in the photo with the lamp switched on, the top portion of the lamp does not seem lit (could just be a camera effect due to light variation). Do you think lower height would be good/bad/as-you-please?

    1. Hi MS, length x width is 6 inch by 6 inch and the height is 3 ft from the floor to the top.

      That was really a good observation. Yes the brightness fades as you move away from the position of the bulb. I noticed it after the first installation and then managed to raise the bulb height just so it is right in the middle of the shade.

      Secondly, the photo does not really give a good picture because we were still battling with the camera when we took the picture.

      There are two options here. One is, as you mentioned reduce the height of the shade (Will it become too short for a floor lamp is something we also need to see). Or two, add an additional bulb placed closer to the top and bottom. :) Honestly, I have an almost similar lampshade installed in my living room and I am pretty happy with the single bulb effect. Again, taste is subjective and so it needs to be adjusted to the needs of the actual user.

      Thanks for that feedback :) Really appreciate it. Personally what effect would you prefer ? A bright and well lit effect or a nice, easy and calming effect ?

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

    3. Hi Somu,
      Thanks for the information.
      You are right that reducing the height might not be good for a floor lamp. Irrespective of the effect required (well lit or easy), it is essential that the whole lamp be lit. In theory, I was thinking that having two bulbs inside, one close to bottom and second nearer to middle could be a good solution.

      In case of using bulbs (instead of CFL), a cheap dimmer switch can control the light effect.

      I guess a well lit room can do with a lamp having just enough light to make its presence felt while a room which relies only on this lamp would need higher amount of light.
      My two cents :-)
      Thanks - MS

    4. Hi MS, you are absolutely right. The entire shade needs to be lit irrespective of the effect sought. The picture does not really reflect the actual look. The light actually spreads across the entire stretch of the shade, just that the intensity varies.

      A dimmer switch is a nice idea. I will try to experiment with it. I used a 40 watts bulb when this picture was taken. And as you rightfully said, the room cannot rely on just this lamp for being completely lit. It is fancy and partly functional.

      For a brighter feel, we will have to use a white based fabric that will allow most of the light to pass through. But then when switched off, it may just look plain and simple.

      Your comments are giving me new perspectives. Really appreciate it.

  7. I really LOVE this lamp! I've never heard of a tracing sheet - can you enlighten me what that is and where I could possibly purchase it? Thanks for sharing this idea!

    1. Hi Rachel, thanks a lot... Really happy that you like the lamp. Tracing sheet is a translucent sheet that allows visibility of anything placed under it. It is commonly used to trace / copy a pattern from another paper. In India, it is available in all stationery stores.

  8. Hi Somu,

    I went hunting for carpentry box on google and landed on your page about workshops in Bangalore! Well, glad to have come across it. I do not know whether you can help me, but I am looking for a simple carpentry box/set for my daughter who is 10yrs old. She has been asking for one for quite sometime(she has absolutely no idea about carpentry, but is keen on it, do not know why) and we haven't been able to find where we can get something like this.

    Do you think there is any place in Bangalore where we can get this? It will be great if you could give us some information and it will really be VERY helpful if you could let me know by tomorrow morning. It's important! Thanks for all the info. Good luck with your hobby and your blog.


  9. This comment has been removed by the author.

  10. Hi,
    I am really loving your posts about lampshades and am totally inspired to make one myself! I have a few questions though .. upon googling I discovered mostly styrene sheets are used to line the shades to protect the paper/fabric from the heat.. How effective do you think tracing paper is in this regard? It is paper after all right .. does it do much heat protection? Also what is the wattage of the bulbs you used?
    Thanks for sharing your brilliant projects!

    1. Hi Poornima, Yes, styrene sheet is what is being talked about in most of the projects. I almost lost tried every place possible here in Chennai trying to explain Styrene sheet and lost the battle. Tracing sheets are good as they serve the purpose. However, they are flimsy, and so may not be suitable if you are making it for someone else. As for heat protection, it does work well. I used 14Watts CFL and 40 Watts regular lamps.

      The tracing sheet started tearing off after three years and I had to redo the lamp again. :) Of late I have been using a thicker version of the tracing sheet which seems to be much better. And thanks a lot for your wonderful comment :)

  11. Hi , Came across your blog while searching for floor lamps. I love the one you have made here. How do I order one ? what level of customization is possible ? And what are some indicative prices ?Thank you . Hope you are staying safe.


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