Painting the room red…

The color theme in our living room is predominantly beige and brown with shades of orange. We wanted a wall hanging with a shade of orange/red to complement the furniture and upholstery. I wanted to put up a painting of a couple for our new home and when I was browsing for some interesting patterns to blow up, I came across a wonderful piece of art by Arvind Kolapkar. It was love at first sight. So I tried to reproduce it…. What do you think ? Do let me know... Click to leave me a comment. 

Painting - Arvind Kolapkar
Here's what Saffronart has to say about Arvind Kolapkar : 

"His  works are bright, happy expressions of joyous unions. In most of his paintings, one observes an amorous couple or groups of friends enjoying each other’s company, giving his work the appearance of a tribute to the relationships that people share. A flute is a constant motif, appearing in almost all of his canvases, provoking one to make references to the mythical Krishna and his idyllic world of joy. 

Kolapkar’s acrylics on canvas can be easily identified by the bright use of a single background colour; slender, elongated women in black with coloured foreheads and noses; and the presence of a flute. "

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- Somu

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  1. so what was the outcome?? I do love the hues of red and orange!!

  2. Hi Partricia, the outcome was quite satisfactory and the painting now is in the main wall of the living room... and it sure feels wonderful when people tell me that they thought the painting was bought :)

  3. is that a reproduction ?? Looks amazingly original.. Awesome work

  4. err that me - Shruti from Mindful Meanderings.

  5. HI Shruti,

    Yes it is a reproduction... Trying to source the original to be posted here... :) Meanwhile, for some reason, am not able to see the thumbnail version of the picture in your link party :)


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