Center table... again !

The art of staining, mastered (almost) finally…  Maybe it requires a separate post by itself. As for the center table, we wanted to make one that is sale worthy. We stuck to simple design as in the previous cases. However unlike the earlier tables (Square Center Table and Low Center Table), where stain was applied directly over the legs and the plywood sides, we decided to layer the entire table (legs, sides and the top) with 4mm sheet of teak (One Side Teak). The stain was applied over this sheet.  We also did not use sealers.
Center Table / Coffee Table

This reduced, though didn’t completely eliminate, the amount of time spent on sanding the wooden surface, as OSTs come with a relatively smoother finish. Nonetheless, the saved up time was spent on cutting the OST and sticking it on the wood surface. After the multiple layers of walnut stain were allowed to dry, the table was coated with clear varnish. Quite an improvement, and personally we are happy with the outcome.

Dimensions : 2 Ft x 2 Ft x .9 Ft (Height)

Update (24-04-2011) - Sold and delivered
- Somu

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  1. Like your progressively handsome work more so as I have personally seem couple of these items. I'll be following this work with anticipation of something nice every few weeks now. Bravo and all the best!

  2. The finishing of the improvised center table is amazing.our greetings to go ahead with more and more innovations.

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  5. Lovely work.. the table looks fab!!

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