Baby Proofing the Balcony

Though we didn't build anything here, this DIY deserved a post merely for the functionality it offered and the ease with which baby proofing can be achieved. We thought some might even benefit from it.

We have seen this in couple of places in the neighborhood and so when we had to baby proof my bro's balcony, we knew exactly what to get and where to find it. Here are some pointers:
  • The mesh is made of fiber (So we were told) and is available in any local hardware store in large rolls
  • It is priced per square feet and so the balcony railing measurements are needed for the purchase
  • Though it comes with a reasonable price, you may want to check with couple of hardware stores to get the best pricing
  • The mesh can be secured to the balcony railings using plastic tags. No fancy tools required.
  • It can also be used to cover gaps between staircase railings inside your apartment or in the common area
  • And it takes less than one man hour to fix it
  • Baby, child proofing the balcony
    Balcony Baby Proofing
The fiber mesh is a good alternative to rusty iron / steel meshes or the clumsy nylon ropes tied between railings. It has a plastic feel to it, is flexible and quite strong, can be trimmed using a pair of scissors, and comes with very reasonable pricing. So, if you have wide railings, here's an easy cost-effective way to cover the gaps.

Also check out the picket fence project

- Somu

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  1. happy to see ,my coffee corner is well protected with the fiber mesh....ask your bro's daughter to give me company

  2. Yeah... I just hope we don't fight sometime for the corner when we land up there at the same time ;)

  3. oh how nice!! Your balcony looks amazing!!

  4. Thanks Patricia!! This was done for our niece. Basically she was being very naughty, trying to peep out of the balcony grill. So my husband thought of this DIY :)You have a wonderful blog. and I have been awe struck looking at your home!! :)

  5. The write up of the baby proofing is equally facinating.I enjoyed the write up more.

    vaidya & Geetha

  6. Being a mom of a toddler girl, I know how informative this post will be for moms/dads.. Thank you for this.

  7. Hi Nishana, thanks for your comment and the like on Indivine... This is minor compared to the information that u are promoting through princessliya. Keep up the good work.

  8. What do you mean by plastic tags in point no. 4?

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  10. The left side of the barn has a small window, flower in a pot, another decal and a small bird's nest in a hayloft air "vent".aluminum gates

  11. I usually make Invisible Grille purchase from Elelaurels because I trust the quality they deliver. Currently, I ordered grill for my balcony and they installed it very carefully and perfectly. Thanks team.


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