Tribal Face Mask with paper mache

This DIY is a decorative project - Making indian tribal faces using paper mache. Thanks to my art club in college and Google. I had a fair idea of the steps involved in making the paper mache clayOne will need paper strips (I used old newspapers), flour (Maida), salt, water, paint (according to your choice). The first step involves soaking the paper strips in water over night. Alternately, you could boil them to fasten the process. Drain the water, grind it, and slowly mix flour and salt. It takes atleast an hour to get the consistency. Mix as much flour as required and knead it till it resembles clay.
Paper Mache Indian Tribal Mask
Paper Mache Craft - Tribal Face Mask

Our balcony garden is getting set and we wanted little things to fill it up. So I decided to make a couple of tribal face masks using the mixture. I couldn’t wait till it dried up to give the final touches. It had to be left for close to 24 hrs to completely dry up. The result was a beautiful tribal couple.

While the masks I have made are more of a 2d, one can use paper mache to create 3d shapes as well. We’d just need a frame (either some object or frame made out of flexible iron rods) and the mixture can be applied to get any desired shape. It was good fun and we plan to use paper mache for a lot of our future projects…

~ Preethi
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- Somu

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  1. நாங்க புதுசா கட்டிக்கிட்ட ஜோடிதானுங்க......

  2. Ive always wanted to try paper mache... just havent got around to that.. 2 more hours.. in a day.. would help!!

  3. Super awesome..... i think u guys r simply FABBB

    1. Hi Menachery, welcome to Woodooz and thanks for your wonderful comment. Really appreciate it :)

  4. Thank u preethi for putting this tut, I will try it making :)

  5. Cool !!! Really appreciable.. Will it break,if we drill it? or hammer it to insert a nail?

  6. Beautiful!!! I can't wait to try and thanks for the wonderful tutorial. I have a quick question, Is there any base for the tribal face like a piece of wood/thick cardboard?? Also, what colors are best to use for paper mache projects?? Thanks, Nima


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