Bed Side Lamp Shade - 2 !

Custom made and sold.  We let the user pick the fabric herself and she chose an off white and beige striped jute fabric – Something that is neutral and can be used in any room irrespective of the room’s color theme. This was built to be used as a corner lamp (placed on the side table) in the drawing room of her new home.
Table lamp or bedside lamp using jute
Bedside Lamp
The base and the shade were made as separate units. Makes it easily portable and also enables her to mix and match the shade just in case a different colored one is sought in the future. This time around, we also managed to conceal the wire. Loved the way it had come out. Packed and sent !!!

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  1. Oh.. I like your lamp!! I also like what I can see on the wall.. WOW!!

  2. Guys,
    Good job! I am also a woodworker by hobby and relocated to India recently. Need a favour can you tell me where I can source sanding papers with cloth backing in India ( all grit,as I am into Intarsia and scrolling.
    Secondly the jute fabric looks very nice,where can I buy this here in India.
    Love your site

    1. Hi Tom, Have responded to your mail on the same queries... Do let me know :)

  3. Great work well done! Beautiful accessories complement a new look bedroom design perfectly, our congratulations to you.

  4. Hi Somu!
    I just bumped into your blog and I just realised there are many people here who love this kind of thing and I am not alone! :-)
    I made just one floor lamp last year with PVC sheet and a block of wood : total cost Rs.210. In fact the CFL lamp costed more I guess :P

    I always wonder how to thin the frame so that the light does not make the frame conspicuous. To me clean contours are very important as I am a design freak! Not that I am an architect or something, but its just that I am too finicky about the fit, finish and clean contours. Hehhe.. let me know if you have any ideas. One idea is to have a thin metal frame under the fabric rather than wooden reapers. but I wonder how to achieve a robust design out of that,.probably weld it....

    1. Hi Vivek, it is indeed so much fun to be indulging in doing things for the home. Lampshade for 210 is awesome right ? :)

      Metal frames can be used in place of wooden sticks. They need to be gas welded though. Regular welding does not really work. And so I never bothered to do more research on it. Though would take the pleasure off DIY if building the frame is outsourced.

      That said, I have to tell you that there is a certain charm about the wooden frames being conspicuous. I have not seen commercially available fabric lampshades built with wooden sticks and that also adds to the unique value of the product :)


  5. Hey Somu...I just love the lamp shades and they make such a perfect home decor :)). This is exactly what I wanted to make, but wondering if its easier to find the brass or some metal bulb holder to fix to to base of the lamp shade. Also I'm making a lamp shades with couple of liquor bottles and have difficulty to fix the regular bulb holder to the bottle mouth.
    please let me know if you have any ideas..hope to hear from you soon :))



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