Lamp Shade - 15 minute DIY

So, we were cleaning up stuff and were wondering what to do with the leftover fabric of the earlier floor lamp . It was just one long strip of cloth and so there wasn't much left to do anything big. We didn't want to throw it off either and so we decided to use whatever that was available to convert our wall lamp into something colorful. So, here's what we did - A quickfire, 15 minute DIY.

DIY lamp shade, wall lap using fabric
DIY - Fabric Wall Lamp / Lamp Shade
  1. The wall fitting we zeroed in was just perfect for our need. It was square and was made of glass
  2. We unscrewed the glass fitting from the wall, and decided to merely cover it with the fabric.
  3. We cut the fabric to the required dimension, stretched and glued it onto the sides
Use fabric to make a DIY wall lamp
Fabric Lamp Shade
This is how it looked after we put the fitting back into its place.  Another DIY right in the entrance and we so love it. :)

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- Somu

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  1. this is cool.Might try this out.

  2. Hi Sarmistha,

    Thanks for your dropping by and it is really heartening that you like the shades :) Good luck with your attempt :)

  3. It looks nice, and seems easy to do. thank you for sharing.

  4. Hi Nayana, thanks for dropping by and for your comments !

  5. all it took you is 15 mins?? oh wow!! wow!! I like this... Thanks for sharing.. :-)

  6. Hi Notyet, thanks a lot :)

    Hi Particia, yeah it really did take 15 minutues... Nothing more nothing less ! And thanks for the opportunity to showcase this in your blog...

  7. Hi,

    You have a lovely blog with some very cool DIY ideas. I'm loving your choice of color and fabric as well.
    This one is a very interesting one too...thanks for sharing.

    - Neha

  8. Hi Somu
    job looks very simple.The idea is laudable.Go ahead with more & more.

  9. i really liked your stuff and liked the simplicity associated with it..simple n soo beautiful..i would like to try the lampshade someday..

  10. Hi,
    This looks lovely! I would love to do wodworking but really don't know where/how to start ! :-(

    What glue did you use for fixing the fabric? I want to give it a shot. I have some frames sitting at home as their shades have long ago RIP-ed. Can you giev pointers to a newbie please? How do I stick the tracing paper et al. Thanks.

  11. Beautiful. ....but I had a doubt...covering the glass with it safe? I mean can it resist heat of the light?

  12. When you hear the word "lamp" what image do you think of? desk lamp

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