Bamboo Brigade - Room Divider / Wall decoration

bamboo divider unit
Bamboo Room Divider / Wall decoration - Before
Bamboo room divider and wall decoration unit
Bamboo Room Divider / Wall decoration - After
Quite an exciting project, but just as time consuming and laborious too. The need was to make a bamboo unit to fill up a non-intrusive wall space.This is something that my friend saw at a showroom and wanted us replicating it. Since we were already working with bamboos on a different project, we jumped at the opportunity after browsing through some images on the net.

Bamboo as a raw material is readily available, inexpensive and is easy to use These bamboos are less than an inch in diameter. The hardest part of the project was to sand the bamboo stems to remove the waxy outer coating and to achieve a smoother surface. The slowest part of the project was the time it took for the oil paint (green) to dry. Once dried, it was varnished.  A hole was drilled in each of the nodes in the bamboo for a leaf to be inserted. The bamboos were made to stand by screwing them onto a wooden plank.

The base is a regular black box made from 19mm plywood planks. The planks were joined together using 2 inch screws. No other fancy joining technique used. The insides were painted black while the exterior was covered with black laminate. The box was stuffed with thermocol after placing the bamboos in place and finally covered with pebbles. Only thing missing is the bamboo leaves.

We delivered in late in the night yesterday and so, we are yet to get a full fledged feedback. We are sure some changes here and there would be required. Will follow up. And considering we have been onto this for the last 45 days, we are gonna take a well deserved two weeks break from woodworking :)... So,here it is - a bamboo room divider.

P.S. Do you know where we can find artificial bamboo leaves in Chennai ? Would appreciate any pointers in this regard.
- Somu

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  1. Check in Raja Thread stores and Pandian Stores, TNagar. They sell craft items. I am not sure about bamboo leaves though , So you can call them and ask.

  2. Since Artifical leaves are normally used for flower making, it might be available at craft stores.
    Also, there are many shops in Paris , North chennai that sell wholesale craft items. Probably you can enquire the same at one of these shops. Also RS stationary , Adyar is another craft store.

  3. oh these are truly gorgeous.. I love this idea!!

  4. Wow, this is very nice.. Simple but looks very nice.. I like it..

  5. Hi Patricia, thanks a lot :)

    Temporary walls, thanks... Yeah it was indeed simple but for the sanding the bamboo part :) I loved the way it looked after it was adorned with the artificial leaves. Not sure if you had a chance to look at it ! :) thanks again for dropping by.

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