DIY Green Wall Clock with template

DIY Wall Clock kits not being so commonly available here in Chennai makes such projects very exciting.
clock face template
Wall Clock Template

Make your own wall clock
DIY Wall Clock
Making this wall clock template was so much exciting as I went from one design to the other before finalizing on this green clock. Creating  DIY clock face templates is fun and it sure warrants a separate post.

This template was created using MS PowerPoint tool. I used the donut shape from the “Basic Shapes” in ppt onto which we placed the numbers (big fonts), each with a 30 degree angle between each other. I picked the background from internet (due credit to source is pending), and made the inner circle semi-transparent for the added effect.

This clock face was then printed onto an A2 poster paper and then neatly cut along the clock borders. The printed template was glued onto a 4mm think One Side Teak (OST) sheet (You can instead use 6mm plywood).  The OST was then given a border using 1cm x 1cm wooden sticks. The clock was inserted from the rear through a hole drilled in the centre of the OST sheet.

So, what do you think ? Do you like this clock ? Feel free to download and use the template. If you did like it, you may also be interested in this clock template built using OST and buttons and also this wooden clock that was eventually stained dark. 

DIY Wall Clock kits not being so commonly available here in Chennai makes such projects very exciting.  Just love the way it has turned out. We would be delivering the clock tomorrow and so are quite excited to know the reaction. :)

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- Somu

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  1. Wonderful idea!! Its lookin good on wall. Even I wanted to make a wall clock probably a wooden one.

  2. Hi Disha, Thanks a lot for your feedback... Clock is a very interesting one to make... and the sky is the limit as far as the kinda designs you can come up with :) Do let us know when you do make yours !


  3. Wow another great project from you!!:)loving question tho do we get the clock hands available ready made and where?if I can make one I'll let you know

  4. Hi Sarmistha, Yes, the clock mechanism and the clock handles are available for sale as a unit(For about Rs 85 to 100). I normally buy it from a closer by clock shop (in Chennai, India). Depending on where you are, you should be able to get them in a local shop that sells wall clocks. Or in some places it maybe available as a DIY kit in crafts stores.

    Thanks for your comment. It is indeed very encouraging.

  5. are diy queen:) love the result. I have one clock dissembled, wanted to do photo as a beckground in that clock but its in my unfinished project pile, u r good:)

  6. Hey Preeti, this is an interesting project! Looks cool!

  7. Hi Nayana, thanks... that seems to be the ultimate compliment, but somehow got the gender wrong, atleast in this case :) What we did was similar to a photo, except that we used a clock design... Let me know when you complete your photo clock project :) Would love to see it.

    Hi Ambika, Thanks... Really appreciate your feedback.

    Neha, thanks... yeah we loved the green too... And it went well with the feature wall.

  8. GORGEOUS!! Love the green that you've used.. the background.. is beautiful!1

    I had a friend who was obsessed about making clocks.. He would make and give away to friends.. and some of them would be absolutely stunning!!

  9. Hi Patricia, thanks... Making clocks is something really interesting... Of all the stuff that I have made so far, clocks are my favorite !!!

  10. Hey there!

    I have been trying to make something of this sort, but I am stumped as to how to get the wood needed for the clock. I have visited a couple of plywood shops but none of them are willing to part with a 12 X 12 sheet of plywood/MDF etc etc.

    Any advice?

    1. Hi Dreamer, it is quite a challenge to get these guys to specifically give you a 12 x 12. Try to go to a smaller shop. All these plywood stores will certainly have spares or used planks that they will be happy to part with for a price. It may not be the exact dimension that you need. You will have to trim and cut.

      What I did was strike a rapport with a local store guy. I know him to the extent that I can call him and give specifications. Since I keep giving him small orders on and off, he does not mind.

    2. Thanks Somu!

      Will be on the lookout now. Thanks for the tip! :)

    3. And one more thing. I found this guy after going to at least about 6 stores. Good luck with finding that guy :)

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