Paper Mache Name Board

Paper mache traditionally has had many functional uses. It was used in winnow baskets (Muram in tamil) for giving the cane frame a stronger and smoother finish. I also hear my grand mother used to make paper mache baskets for storing rice. For quite sometime now, it is an extensive medium for various crafts. With merely used paper as the raw material, you can make trays, pen / magazine holders, lamp shades, earrings, beverage coasters, toys, decorative items and much more if you unleash your imagination.
Paper Mache
Paper Mache DIY
Paper mache turotial

The craft is not limited to only the smaller objects. We used to make 30 feet structures in our arts and decoration club in college.  While making the paper mache mix warrants a separate, detailed post by itself, you can find a brief overview of  how to make the paper mache mix from an earlier post of ours.
Paper Mache name plate
Paper Mache Name Board
For this name board, the shape of the house was first made and then the letters, which were stuck to the backdrop. Paper and maida being the only base, you would be surprised at the strength the whole mix attains after drying, which takes about 2 days. You can use putty (Chalk powder) for a smoother finish, paint with your desired colours / design and give a coat of modpodge for protection. On the whole, a very lovely craft.

~ Preethi
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- Somu

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  1. Hey sweety!
    I like your cute blog, keep sharing nice ideas..
    & Thanks for writing sweet words at my blog..
    Have fun *(*

  2. ths s soo pretty...i vl try to make ths...wonder about the nature of maida...

  3. @ Creative Mind: Thanks You :)
    @Nisha: Thanks so much. Let us know how it turned out. As for the nature of maida- (all purpose flour) you can add it in small quantities when you blend the paper. In addition, add a couple of spoons of salt to avoid mould formation. Happy paper maching!! :)

  4. Looks lovely...I would love a name plate but making this I guess not my cup of tea*sigh*

  5. Oh.. I love love.. the house shape idea.. Thats superb!! Making your own name plate.. is super cute!! :-)

    Hope you have a fabulous week ahead of you!!

  6. Wow, fabulous idea making your own name plate:)

  7. Hi Nayana, thanks... Paper Mache is indeed an easy to do craft... You should give it a try sometime !!! I should've posted the details on how to make the mix... but somehow was keen on completing the project.

    Patricia, thanks... This was long pending and hope you enjoy your week too .

    Notyet, thanks to you... Glad you like it.

    Hi Kala, thanks... It is indeed nice to have something of my own making displayed where everyone can see :)

  8. I remember making a simple paper mache bowl in school but it was nowhere close to this. The name plate is beautiful.

    Thanks for linking. The party for this week - Tea Time Thursdays @ Kreative Korner - is on. Hope to see you there with latest posts.

  9. Such interesting paper mache craft!

  10. This looks very nice. I have never done paper Mache. What was the base which you built ur name plate on? Did u use ant adhesive to stick the names? I should give it a try. I have another very basic question, what did u use to blend the mixture of maida, salt and soaked paper.

  11. Hi Calindgirl, thanks for your comment. Paper mache is something I tried first when I was in college. After years, I tried making this one and realized how much fun it is. For the name board, I didn't use any mould as base. I made the base on a flat surface by applying pressure with hand to get the desired shape. Then made the letters and stuck them to the base before it dries up. I blended soaked paper in a mixer and then added maida and salt (follow the roti dough method)

    1. can i use my hands instead of mixer ?

  12. Amazing stuff.plz I want to know How to use putty....

  13. what is MODPODGE called in India? where do i get it?

    1. Mod Podge is called Mod Podge here too. Some brands call it Modge Podge. Search for Mod Podge stores in India in Woodooz and I have listed the places where you can get them.

  14. Also, I have a question... When i kept my Paper Mache Statue for drying, It attracted Ants due to Maida.. Do you have any solution to avoid ants to it?

  15. Very nice blogpost for name board makers in chennai. Thanks for sharing.

  16. Love your signs. Keep shring, Am waiting.

  17. Superb idea....I tried many sites to prepare the letters for the nameboard ...but it takes too long for stencil each letter n all....but i am surprised to see this art and gave a try....there was no option here to add the pic of mine....I prepared the letters, painted them and later glued them to Foam Glitter Sheet of Brown Color which resembles wood....later have given a lace border to the my surprise it came out so well... thank u so much..........

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  23. So much creative.. thanks for the sharing ideas

  24. This comment has been removed by the author.

  25. Nice signboard, good creativity and great idea..keep posting your articles to inspire others..
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