Low Center Table / Coffee table

This one was custom made for a colleague.We provided a 3-D view of the design we had in mind and after few mail exchanges, the design and the dimensions were finalized. While a detailed step-by-step DIY of this project with pictures is due, here is a list of learning that we had from this project.
Low Center Table design
  • Having a design on paper helps understand the material requirements better. There was zero wastage on plywood that we bought for this project. It also helped arrive at a near accurate estimate of the cost. Check out the finalized design we made for the project.
  • Allenkey cross dowels are pre-dominantly used in making knockdown furniture. Here's a good tutorial on how to install these dowelsCross dowels in Chennai are probably available only in Parrys and so we used ordinary bolt and nut as an alternative. In the process, we have learnt to understand little bit on the nuances of knockdown furniture.
  • Though leaving the grains open is more of a trend in recent times, we learnt that using paste fillers can help fill the grains resulting in a much smoother finish (Thanks to a 10 min session with a professional carpenter).
  • We also learnt how to install a glass shelf. And that means few more projects that we wanna do using glass and we incidentally have one requirement at home. More on it later.
Center Table
Center table with glass shelf
  • Plywood is ideal for smaller stationary projects, but the more the use of plywood, the more it adds to the weight. We learnt that we may have to look at alternate lighter raw material for any such projects in the future.
  • It is not always required to start with an 80 grit sand paper and work towards the denser ones. For some of the pieces, we had to start with 120 grit. The use of sand paper is subject to the existing smoothness of the surface.
  • Use of plywood edge banding is recommended. We learnt that applying putty and painting  edges may not provide the desired finish all the time.
  • We also learnt, if one is losing 99 strands of hair per day, it is better to wear a cap especially during the process of varnishing.
  • It is better to understand the workload involved besides knowing the amount of time one can spend on such projects outside of their day jobs. It helps better to set the right expectations in terms of timelines. We are still novices and still battling with estimating the right workload, but we have learnt that we need to factor unplanned weekend activities (family trips, functions, work etc...) before committing timelines. 
Do let us know what you think. Any feedback / comment is welcome. Do you think there is something amiss ? Share your thoughts.

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  1. Very nice blog and great to see you are doing so much. Best wishes.

  2. Hi Purnima, thanks...We were very impressed with your peacock painting ! Had come out so wonderfully well...

    Hi Indranil, thanks for dropping by... I had posted a comment long back seeking some advice and I guess you had been dormant on your blog for a while... Glad to have you visit Woodooz !!!

  3. Wow ! You guys rock.... The coffee table has turned out perfect.. Are u planning to join in etsy or shopo... or have a online shop with custom made pieces ... Any thoughts on that ..?

  4. Hi Emreen, Thanks a lot for your feedback... Glad you liked it !!! Etsy and shopo is a faraway thought... Finding time is seeming like quite a challenge esp with such center pieces... takes up most of our time outside of work... I have 3 more requests and am still not decided how am going to take that forward. But yeah, we have some plans in that front.. but not immediately. Thanks for the idea though... coz it is encouraging when someone adds fuel to that still-not-burning-bright fire in us

  5. Shocked!! Wow!! You should email me!! I'll give u the contact for shoppo and make ur stuff available to all!! This is truly stunning! Gorgeous! U guys are super talented!

  6. what lovely ideas ! waht a lovely blog !! thanks. My hubby who is a wood work enthusiast gives you a thumbs up!!

  7. Hi patricia, You just got us thinking :) Thanks for your wonderful gesture and feedback !!!

    Hi Varsha, Thanks for dropping... It is indeed heartwarming when someone gives a thumbs up to the efforts... Really appreciate it !!!

  8. This coffee table project turned out very nicely. I love this design. Thank you for sharing it.

    Linda Gupta

  9. This coffee table project turned out very nicely. I love this design. Thank you for sharing it.

    Linda Gupta

  10. Iawesome man.....i am doing a diy centre table and want to install a glass shelf.... can u give some pointers how to go about it..... will b waiting eagerly for your inputs.... what all do i need .... ??? Great blog....u r my inspiration....

    1. Hi Muppidi, sorry about the late response. I used glass shelf brackets for this project. You can get it in your local hardware store. The installation is pretty straight forward. I used something that look like this. Do check them out.

  11. Hi Somu,
    I understand that this is very old article, but still wanted to ask: How do you align the hole for cross dowel nut? I'm using a 10mm dia cross dowel nut and M6 bolt. I find it really hard to get a proper placement for the cross dowel nut hole of 10mm size. Hence I'm doing a 15mm hole (Forstener bit), this works even when placement is not perfect - Gopi


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