Wall decor - Choosing between a new DIY and an old painting

A plain wall needing embellishment can certainly set off the DIY instinct in us. While creating a new piece of art is the most obvious choice, we sometimes tend to forget our works from the past that are crying to get out from the dark insides of their designated storage space. More often than not, everything that is preserved tends to get ignored and lose to our own yearning to craft something new and more creative. Such discrimination is usually meted towards work we believe isn't our best. 
We may have moved on from being a novice, but it gives no reason to disregard our previous work as a rookie. It may have its imperfections, but every work of art that is our own is a masterpiece in its own right and deserves to be proudly displayed on a wall or a glass case where everyone can see.
Old floral painting from the archives (2003)
Floral water color painting
Revived, framed and displayed (2011)
Do you agree? Would you rather work on a new project than to resurrect an old work of yours? How do you ensure all your work get that much deserved showcase space? Share your views. We would love to know your point of view.
Note : This painting is a reproduction that I painted way back in 2003. If you do know that original artist, please do drop me an e-mail at woodoozmagic@gmail.com

~ Preethi

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- Somu

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  1. Hi Seema,

    Thank you very much... You have a beautiful blog and a wonderful collection of paintings :)

  2. Lovely painting... It looks great on the white wall.
    I have atleast three of my previous projects, still unfinished. I do start off on them every now and then.. but I also start working on new ones when I get the idea or inspiration for a new one.

  3. Hi Iniyazh, thanks for dropping by... It is one of my wife's earlier work that had been in cold storage for years now... While we were toying with the idea of a new painting for the white wall, we thought we could use one from the past and chose this one over others... In the process we realized there are many more that can possibly be displayed and that's what prompted this post.

    With the new ones in process... do you manage to go back to your unfinished projects and complete them ? :)

  4. That is absolutely stunning!! Really!! Loved this!! Thank u for being the first one to link in this week!! U guys totally rock!

  5. Hi Patricia, We look forward to your Monday party and it is not surprising that we bagged the first spot this time :)

    Thanks for the wonderful platform and such encouraging comments.

  6. Preethi, your painting is very beautiful.love how you gave the new look. I would love to create new things/learn new things but not to forget old work, may be if I not like the way it is, I would reuse some other creative way.

  7. Good one! The velvety violet has come out well indeed..

  8. If I have some uncompleted project I try to finish that before starting something new,that way I feel good,.:)

  9. Hi- I just found you through the link party at Lines across my face. I love this post! I love art, so I understand the dilemma you have. I usually want to make something new. I have so many ideas floating around in my head that it's hard to resist trying something new. But, I know I shouldn't forget everything I've made in the past either. Your old flower painting is great! So Georgia O'keefe!

    Feel free to check out my blog if you like.

  10. Oh so beautiful! I seriously cannot paint, but I got inspired by this post and am going to do something about a blank wall that needs some color!

  11. Hi Nayana, Thanks a lot... it is true that there are some works that we don't appreciate as much... but so much of effort has gone into it that we do not want to see them be just stacked...

    Hi Ambika, Thanks... This was painted (water color) on a chart paper... The velvetty look I think was not intended but glad it came out that way :)

    Notyet, thanks... Yeah it makes sense to complete an unfinished project... But then sometime it just is not possible... We have some bamboo sticks lying around and a canvas that is jus half finished... Sometimes the newer better ideas tend to just overpower.

  12. Hi Elise, thanks for dropping by and taking the time to comment :) The ideas floating about in the head are quite the kind of ones that distract us from that work at hand... And with link parties, there is plethora of ideas to explore and experiment with that you feel like flitting from one to the other... :) You have a beautiful blog and particularly loved your posts on decorating... That header of yours is very appealing... Wishing we could make something as attractive.

    Hi Reshma, thanks for the comment. Glad that you are inspired... White walls are just perfect for letting imaginations go wild... Good luck with it... Would sure love to know what you do with it.

  13. What a great idea (and beautiful painting). I certainly have a lot of old paintings sitting unframed in my closet. You have motivated me to bring them back and find a place for some of them.

  14. Hi Rachel, Thanks a lot !!! For someone with high creative instincts like you, am sure there would be lots in the closet... Would love to know when you bring them back... Will be closely following to see where you find a place for them

  15. Good collection! In above two paintings is difference between only change a frame. This changes is vary nice for painting and this colour is suitable to frame. I love this wall paint.

  16. @ Krylon, Thank you so much. Framing indeed makes a lot of difference. Thanks for stopping by :)

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