Wall decor with DIY Wall clock

Wall clocks and decor

Besides being purposeful, wall clocks are important accent items that can create a dramatic effect to a room. Just like a painting or a wall hanging, a wall clock can give a bare wall an eye-catching appearance. With so many varieties of wall clocks being available, you would only be spoilt for choices making it challenging to choose the right pieces that suit the décor of the room.
Make your own wall clock
Wooden DIY Wall Clock
    Attention : If you came here looking for how to make a wall clock, I recommend that you watch my video post on Clock assembly, Materials to use and how to fix the clock mechanism

Do and DIY

Ever since we started DIY as a hobby, we have tried to not shop for most of the items that we needed inside the house, and that includes wall clocks. With DIY wall clocks, it is easier to live up to the colour needs of the room, matching it with the other accessories. With a design and the required materials in place, it takes less than few hours to more than a day to make a wall clock depending on the intricacy of the design.
DIY Wall clock
DIY clock face template
    To know that there wouldn’t be a similar piece anywhere in the world sure gives a certain kick.

Variety and Exclusivity

DIY wall clocks can have a face made of wood, Plaster of Paris, Paper Mache, or even a decoupaged design. Wooden buttons, beads, wood scraps, screws and many more can serve as the numbers. The colour of the clock is what you decide it to be, the face can take any shape and these factors only provide for boundless creative options when it comes to making your own clock. To me, what is appealing is the exclusivity that is an outcome of any DIY. To know that there wouldn’t be a similar piece anywhere in the world sure gives a certain kick.

Your opinion matters

What do you think of the vivid effect created by the wooden buttons and the gold dials against the darker backdrop of this DIY wall clock? We love it. Do you too? Leave a comment and let us know what you think!

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- Somu

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  1. Personally I like a white or a pearlish background.. with say silver or gold buttons..

    But your earthen look.. is awesome too..

    You guys totally rock! ! Thanks for linking in:-)

  2. Hi Patricia, Thanks... With this one, we wanted to use the natural color of wood and hence stuck to the basic brown... We do want to experiment with more colors and designs in the upcoming projects...

    Thanks to you for the link in opportunity !

  3. I love the wooden look for the wall clock with the buttons:). The fact that it is unique makes it all the more special

  4. Wow! I have been vying ideas to make my own wall clock. will put this to my on my DIY list !

  5. You're absolutely right. Wall clocks are an eye-catching form of a wall decor, and because of the different styles, materials, and color, they will fit nicely in a home.

  6. interesting idea..and right combination of colours and buttons. looks exclusively unique.

  7. I love this idea :) will get my daughter to try it with a paper plate tonight :)

  8. Hi Neha, thanks :) The unique part does make it special and am glad that you like it :)

    Hi Reshma, so did you get to knock it off your DIY list ? Do let me know when you do get to do this... Would so luuuuv to take a look :)

    Hi Alarming gal, rightfully said... they add to the decor much like a painting or a wall hanging... and they are functional too :)

    Hi Sush, thanks... Exclusive and unique and am happy that you are vouching for it. thanks for the comment.

    Hi Mindful, million thanks for carrying this DIY on your blog post... No one else has done this before and I really appreciate it :) Did you try it with paper plate ? Do let me know the outcome :)

  9. I love the wooden buttons. This is such a great idea.

  10. I love this natural wood finish .... love this.... i want to do alter it with tamil letters instead of the buttons

    1. Hi Arul, thanks for your feedback... Yeah tamil letters instead of buttons will sure be great. But am not sure if you would get those letters off the shelf. You can maybe try creating the template on powerpoint and then have it stuck on to the top like we did here

  11. its such a beautiful Wall Decor to decorate your home or as an unique gift for your friends..its very good to created varies types of fun ..

  12. Loved ur wall decor...I would like to make a DIY clock with photo frames(as the #'s). Could u please tell me where in Chennai -> I can get the clock kit (I.e movements and hands) which can be hanged to the wall

  13. Thank you for the collection that you have shared with us above .I really liked it so much and want to see such type of blogs more.

  14. Am really in love with your unique creative ideas around these wooden decos. I'm also a hobbist looking out for uncommon creative ideas of thesekind to pimp up my little home. I love to challenge and task my creative abilities this simple but unique artwork has opened another channel of thought for me. Please share more if you have.
    Thank you.

  15. I am reading your post from the beginning, it was so interesting to read & I feel thanks to you for posting such a good blog, keep updates regularly.

    Office Interiors Chennai

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  17. Thank you. I got some good ideas from that.

  18. Love it....Wooden wall clock is suit for wall decor and since has different styles, materials, and color, it will fit nicely in a home... I like combination of colours and buttons of those clock. So cute. Beside wooden wall clock you can choose antique wall clock that suit to décor of the room. Last month I bought antique clock at gudemeis.com and found many their luxury collections. The conclusion is whatever clocks you have, it would suit to adorn every rooms in your house.

  19. Wall clock is used as the decoration of our room walls. My dad really likes the classic clock made of wood, and it's on some walls of our room. A few days ago it was all arranged neatly in every room, because this new house so I want to look new atmosphere. I also make my own wall clocks from the materials I have following the guides from the internet, this is interesting. If you like the classic clock, you can see on their site here gudemeis.com/collectie. They have antique and classic clocks like clock bells with good guaranteed quality.

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  21. One last thing to recollect when purchasing through the classifieds...make beyond any doubt the clock that the vender is selling is theirs to sell before separating with any cash.cool alarm clock

  22. Love to read it,Waiting For More new Update and I Already Read your Recent Post its Great Thanks. best wall clocks for living room

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