Buddha painting- oil on canvas

Three days of solitude and this is how I made use of it... :) One of our long term wishes was to own a Buddha painting/sculpture. Whenever I got the thought of painting one, I always decided not to venture into it. Simply because I wasn't confident enough to get his features right and give it the desired effect. His calm eyes, his enlightened forehead, the knot of hair and his long ears (sign of intelligence) - they need justice.
Buddha Painting on Canvas
Finally, I decided to give it a try. I knew I wanted an oil on canvas for it. I chose the color theme as yellow ochre and red- something that would go well with our living room/foyer. The base layer was first done using raw sienna. Colors like Raw/burnt sienna have warmer tones and are transparent. So they give a wonderful glazing effect. If one doesn't have either of these colors in the palette, you can get it by mixing cadmium light with burnt umber.

Second step was to fill the background with shades of vermilion red, black, chrome yellow, burnt sienna. I tried giving it a textured finish. But I am not sure if I have achieved it. For the Buddha, the base color was yellow ochre followed by burnt sienna.

To show his signs of enlightenment, I chose chrome and lemon yellow and white. Basically these shades are opaque and are wonderful as highlights. The lotus was a final addition to the background. :) So here is it. Your opinions/comments would be highly valuable for me to make any modifications. Please let us know. :)
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  1. Loved the painting completely. I have a link party at my blog http://artistneelima.blogspot.com/2011/11/crafturday-creative-mess-11-thank-you.html Do link in if it interests you.

  2. Thank you so much for linking in :)

  3. That is a stunning painting.. It really is!! Love the colours.. and the hues of gold.. and ofcourse.. the lotus.. wow!! :-)

  4. Love the painting. Its on my wish list to own a sculpture or a painting of Buddha. I am not talented enough to paint. :-(

    Wonderful job. Congratulations.

  5. beautiful ! Looks like you are making the most out of your solitude... Now waiting to see it in person !

  6. Wow !! This is beautiful.You have brough out the calmness on his face perfectly.Indeed stunning :)

  7. @ Patty- Thanks for giving us a chance to share it in your blog.
    @Calindgirl- Buddha painting or sculpture add a charm to the interiors. But I think you should give a shot at painting one.. It was fun to do it. :)
    @ Nayana, Not Yet- I totally appreciate your comments. Thanks for the motivation
    @Sarmistha: I was exactly concerned about the final touches- Thankfully it came out well. Thank you for your comment

  8. The final product is good, very good indeed. Love it and also love all the other things showcased in your blog. It is good to know that you are not only talented, but also love sharing your ideas with others.

  9. Hi preethi , how r you.thanx for dropping by @ethnically chic.it's been a long time I had heard from you.glad to see you there:)

  10. Stunning!!! You have painted it very well. Perfect.

  11. Wow this is soooooo beautiful.I really love it.

  12. @ Rama, Sarmista, DIsha, Magic Eye, Seema- Thank you for your words. I am still trying to get out of my vacation mood and start the next project :)
    Wish you all a wonderful year ahead. :)

  13. Hez stunning :) Love the calmness on his face.. wish I could also attain such zen even if its for just for a minute!
    Thank you for the tip about a username for FB page.

  14. Interest to read. Thanks For Update. Pls Update More news Catalog Printing

  15. @mindful: Thanks a lot.. How have you been? WIsh you a wonderful year.

  16. Great painting.Really helps how you broke down the color pallet. May be next time can you post a video of how you do the background shading?

  17. Wow! beautiful work. I would like to invite you for international blog hop.
    Please follow me and the link below.


  18. Hi Daffy, Thanks for your word of appreciation... It would indeed be our pleasure to join your blog hop. Thanks much for the invite !

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