Using painter's masking tape on wood

Painter’s Masking tape is commonly used during painting of walls, particularly a feature wall. Considering the adjoining walls have a different colour, the masking tapes help prevent bleeding / dripping of paint onto the other walls on the edges and also to get that perfect much needed straight line effect. This is also used to cover wooden trims, switch panels and plug points.

Prevent bleeding of paint

The masking tape is also a very useful tool while painting wooden furniture or even small wooden crafts. It is especially useful to prevent paint or varnish from dripping onto other surfaces. Both these media are highly viscous and hence any ignored drip can form a blob which will be difficult to eliminate later.
Masking tape on wood
Painter's Masking tape - Avoid dripping / bleeding

Paint perfect straight lines

Masking tape is also effective for painting straight lines when the adjoining wooden surfaces have different colours. Unless you have a sturdy hand and have extensively used paint brushes, it is difficult to get that straight line effect which is where these tapes are highly valuable. Imagine spray painting different surfaces with different colours without the use of these tapes.
Masking tape - Get the perfect straight line

Paint borders for your canvas painting

You may also want to use masking tape on canvas if you have the need to paint straight lines like a border for your painting. Mostly artists have a trained hand that do not need a guiding aid, but a novice might find this tip quite useful. Oil paints take lot of time to dry and hence you may need to be careful about using this on already painted surfaces especially when they are wet.
using masking tape on canvas
Masking tape - On canvas

Mark points for installing shelves / frames

Comment from Nayana of Cherish Dream Live on her use of the masking tapes : 
Masking tapes are also useful while installing wall mount shelves or multiple photo frames. The tapes come in handy in marking exact postions where a shelf / frame need to be installed and thereby help in aligning the shelves or the frames in one single line. They also prove useful in ensuring equal distance between the installed shelves/ frames.

Both the pictures below are courtesy Cherish Dream Live and are copyrighted by the respective blog owner.
Masking Tape for Shelf alignment
Masking tape for Photo frame alignment

A practical problem resolved

I had painted the top surface of a set of wooden sticks and let it dry on a newspaper. Next day, I realized that paint had seeped into the bottom surface and had formed a bond with the paper. When I tried to lift the sticks from their newspaper base, some of the paper had got glued onto the stick. I had a troubled time removing the paper remains, besides losing time in repainting the surface.

In my second attempt, I had masking tape stuck onto the bottom side and it made the whole effort a cake walk. The wooden sticks are painted as part of the next project that we are working on. Can you guess what are they part of ? Leave your guesses as comments :)
Masking Tape on wooden sticks
I used the masking tape while staining a center table that I earlier made for our home.
Masking tapes also have other uses in basic woodworking which I shall share shortly. Meanwhile, over to YOU. Do you use masking tapes in your crafts projects ? Do Share your thoughts.

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- Somu

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  1. these are some great far I have used masking tap for my photo wall project and shelves installing project on wall to mark exect position.I like the new look of the site.

  2. Thanks for your feedback Nayana... It is indeed a nice tip that you have left... Hope you like the updated version of the post :)

  3. I like the masking tape for shelf arrangement idea.. I read the same about frames, when you want to hang multiple frames on walls in a design. But for me it was easier to just nail them.. and go with the flow.. Thanks for joining in..

  4. Hi Patricia,

    True. I loved the shelf arrangement use too... and so is the case with frames... for someone who is not confident the guiding tapes will be really really functional... and esp if the frames are of different sizes. But just nailing them definitely saves a lot of time... Again depends on who is working on it !!! :) And thanks as ever for the opportunity to join !

  5. Wow, love all those uses of masking tape. I have used it for all of those purposes and more:):) It is invaluable.

  6. Hi Amithigirl, true... I havent so much used them except when I needed and now have come to realize how invaluable, as you rightfully mentioned, they indeed are. Have you used them for anything besides what is mentioned ? Would sure love to hear about it. And thanks for taking the effort to leaving a comment. Really appreciate it :)

  7. Yes masking tape is a life saver when it comes to keeping the ceiling line clean. You could also use these to paint stripes on the walls. Hopefully I'll get around to doing that in my guest room. Nice tip on arranging shelves.

  8. Wow! I never thought of using tape to paint furniture. I will definitely do that in the future.

  9. Hi,

    Where can i get masking tape ? I am in bangalore.


    1. Hi Shilpi, Am not sure if the original 3M blue masking tapes are available. But you can ask for adhesive tape which serves as a good alternative. You will certainly get it in your local hardware store.

  10. Hi,

    Can Masking Tape be used with spray paint? Wouldn't it bleed and cause not so crisp lines?


    1. It sure can be used. Depending on the quality of the tape, it may or may not bleed. Please do try it out at a hidden space before you put it to use on the actual wall. I don't use spray paint, and so it was not much of an issue getting the crisp lines.

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