Install a curtain rod without drilling on wall

So, how do you install curtains,
  • When your landlord does not allow for drilling on walls in your rented apartment ?
  • When you don't have the necessary tools to drill on wall ?
  • When you don't want to puncture a hidden water pipeline or electrical duct ?

how to install a curtain rod
How to install a curtain rod without drilling on wall
Here's how you can install curtain rods using adhesive hooks, without having to drill holes on your wall. This is an easy to do installation and anyone can try this out at home.

Note: The steam and water from hot showers will make the adhesive ineffective and hence for bathroom installations, rip off the adhesive layer and replace it with m-seal (not shown in this post). 

Materials required for installing your own curtain rod

Materials and supplies Required

  • Adhesive hooks that can hold up to 1 lb of weight (2 nos.). The weight the hooks can bear depends on how strong the adhesive is. So, get the really good quality ones.
  • For the curtain rod
    • a water pipe (CPVC*) or PVC duct or aluminium rods (1 inch diameter). I used water pipe because it looked nicer and since it was a bathroom installation, I ruled out aluminium rods. If the length is beyond 6 feet, aluminum rods will be apt, as PVC or water pipes will bend 
  • Masking tape (if required)
  • Hexa Blade for cutting the pipe

  * FAQ : What is CPVC ?
CPVC (Chlorinated PVC) piping is an improved standard over normal PVC piping offering greater heat resistance and is a modern standard for water supply and liquid lines because of its cost saving benefits over metal piping [Source : What is CPVC pipe?]
Glue the adhesive hook tightly on the wall
Install the hooks on both ends of the wall

Step 1: Install the hooks

Mark the points on the opposite walls where the adhesive hooks will be glued. It is important hooks are installed at the same height from the floor, else, you would notice an awkward slant. Needless to say, this height should also be more or less equal to the end to end length of the curtain (which will also include the curtain hooks). Rip off the seal from the rear of the hook and carefully glue it on the marked points on the wall. Hold the hook tightly with your hand for few minutes.

Step 2: Cut the curtain rods (in our case, the water pipe)

PVCs or water pipes or for that matter aluminium rods can be easily cut with hexa blades. Measure the length between both the hooks installed on the opposite walls. The length of the curtain rods should be slightly more (by 1 cm) in length than the distance between the two hooks. 

Step 3: Drill a hole on both corners of the rod

About a cm from the corners of the rod, drill a hole. The idea behind this hole is to make the curtain rod sit on the hooks through this hole. The hooks on either end of the wall will be inserted into these holes, which is why the length of the rod and the hole distance from the corners is very important.
Drill hole in the rod corner for housing into the hook
Place the curtain rod on the hooks

Step 4: Install the rod

Slowly place the rod on the hooks. The hook will be inserted into the hole and hence the hole diameter should be neither too small (the hook will not go in) nor too big (the rod will keep moving back and forth)

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Install a curtain rod using adhesive hooks
Curtain rod installation

Step 5: Install the curtain

Remove the rod. Insert the curtain hooks into the rod. Place the rod again on the wall hooks.
Wasn't that easy to do. You can extend the same logic for curtain rods to be installed on the same wall, as against between walls as shown in this post. Ideal for window curtains, shower curtains (do remember the M-seal) and other light weight curtains However, do remember that the adhesive hook may not be able to withstand a stronger pull and will eventually give in. So handle with care.

  • Do you have any landlord stories to share that did not allow you to puncture the wall ?
  • How have you installed curtain rods besides drilling on wall ?
  • Have you used any method other than what is detailed here ?
Would love to hear your views !

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- Somu

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  1. gr8 idea...such situation occurs many time when we do not want to drill the walls..very useful somu :)

  2. Hi Aparna, Thanks... Since I was installing it in the bathroom, I didn;t know where the concealed water lines were running and was scared of puncturing it. Hence the hook installation :) Glad you found it useful !

  3. Love how you explain in so much of details.. Yes, this is definitely useful to a few of us!!

  4. Hi Patricia, Thanks... I was scared of denting the concealed pipeline since I wasn't sure where it was running... and hence the alternative. Indeed good if you can find some use from this post :)

  5. Hi Somu
    This is nice detailed post that I am sure will be really beneficial to many.
    You mentioned 'good adhesive' How do you recognize whether the adhesive is good? Usually the hooks come in plastic covers with a piece of double sided tape serving as the adhesive.
    Secondly will there be a removing a really strong adhesive or mseal?

  6. Hi Vinay,

    Thanks for your feedback and it is really a good question. I doubt if there is anyway of finding out if the adhesive is strong enough. However, what I would want to look at is how much weight the hook is capable of bearing. This should ideally be mentioned in the pack. Mine said a maximum of 1 Lb. If this is not mentioned either, we may have to resort to trial and error.

    Am not clear about the second question, but am assuming it is about removing the seal without leaving marks.

    As for M-seal, it is not recommended to be applied on walls, but on tiles it should not be a problem. A gentle hit using a chisel and hammer should easily help remove the m-seal off the tile at a later time (I tested the whole thing on a damaged tile and it worked like a charm). The adhesive hooks are marketed as not leaving any marks when they are removed and the remnants can be scratched off gently using a screwdriver / anything sharp.


  7. We too need a curtain for our bathroom and I definitely going to give a try.

  8. Hi Vasudha, Good luck... It is easy and cost effective. Just make sure you use a chunk of M-Seal in place of the adhesive for bathroom installation. The steam and water from the showers will weaken the adhesive effect.

  9. The way you explained with illustrations helps any lay man to follow and get the benefit.Thanks for the effort you put in.very useful tips for many in the day today living.

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  11. I want to make a watch box any idea.
    Capt Maini

    1. Hello Captain, By watch box, are you referring to something like this

      Let me know. I can share whatever it is that I know :)

  12. Great idea, thanks. Just what I was after

  13. I use my android phone app to determine metallic pipes behind walls. There are detectors available but I guess they are quite expensive.

    1. Android phone app ? Interesting. Which one specifically and how accurate is it ?

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