Woodworking DIY blogs in India

When I started indulging in woodworking DIYs, I wanted a platform to showcase all that I did. Besides being a showcase, I also wanted to use the platform to reach out to other woodworking hobbyists. Most (in fact all) of what I do is learnt from the plethora of information that is available on the net. However, nothing comes anywhere close to garnering inputs from someone directly. 

When local carpenters were not too keen on revealing their trade secrets, I started seriously looking for fellow hobbyists. DIY woodworking not being a popular hobby in India, there were not many blogs that I came across in this niche (in India that is). There were two though that I was happy to discover and wanted to present them here. 

Indian DIY and Woodworker

This blog run by Indranil Banerjie is all about hardcore woodworking. Here he talks about his home work shop, use of various power tools, and other woodworking tips. In his own words, “ I will offer my advice and relate my experience with DIY and woodworking issues in this blog and hopefully this might motivate you to join the movement”. 

House on the Rock

Vinay Oommen, who is a doctor by profession, runs the House on the Rock. Vinay shares his woodworking projects like the simple bookshelf, key chain holder, kid’s table and more that he made for his home. He is pretty new to blogging and has a keen sense of humor which is evident from this post of his. In his own words, “This website aims to provide those interested with tips and pointers on starting woodworking from scratch”.

In the coming weeks, we also want to list our favorite arts, crafts and home decor blogs that we ardently follow every day. Meanwhile, do visit these woodworking blogs and let these gentlemen know what you think of their work. I would love to add more such Indian Woodworking blogs onto this list and so, if you know a certain blog , do leave a comment. Even otherwise, leave a comment :)

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  - Somu

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  1. Thanks for your kind intro Somu. I hope others take this up as a hobby too. Vinay

    1. Hi Vinay, The pleasure is all mine... And yeah... If you do come across a DIY woodworking site, keep us all posted :)

  2. Hobby?
    In most places in India, working with wood is a necessity. Carpentars are hard to come by especially for small jobs. I live in Goa and like me, a lot of menfolk in Goa tend to do-it-themseleves small repair jobs around the house. I can do small carpentary work, mason work, painting, brick laying, plumbing, electrical and even build small electronic circuits.

    I'd like to complement you for this site. Most till date were catering to Western audience - this is the first I have come across for an Indian audience.

    A suggestion: Apart from the how-to, you might also want to include a list of locally available material and also what-to-ask-for at the shop (each material or tool has an Indian name and asking for it by the western name will usually draw a blank).

    In the FAQ section perhaps a list of Western names with Indian equivalent?


    1. Hi,

      I agree... In many cases it becomes a necessity... Doing it yourself saves time and the energy needed to find a carpenter for teeny tiny jobs. To add to it, it is also fun :)

      I really appreciate the fact that you involve yourself in most work around the house. It is a much needed skill that comes in handy more than many times.

      Thanks a lot for your compliment on the blog. When I started, I never really thought I would share how tos. Most of what you read here was unplanned. Your recommendation is really good. I will try to focus henceforth on bringing more Indian angle to the posts here. Thanks for dropping by and taking the time to leave your opinion. Really appreciate it. :)

      Who is this btw ? Will be great it is not merely an anonymous comment.

    2. @Somu :
      It was nice going through this link.
      Even I feel a necessity to learn this for doing small things, which eventually brought me here.
      Do you have an idea/suggestion from where can I start ??
      I am from Lucknow UP, do you know of any workshops etc that are being held here ???

  3. They get a high pay I believe. Man power is a difficult job, I guess they deserved what they get.


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