Mini Lampshade makeover - From bland to beautiful

A plain white lampshade is like an empty canvas. You make what you want to make out of it. I received this really nice table lamp as a wedding gift and have long been wanting to give it some color. If you have been reading our blog, you would by now know how much we love making our own DIY lampshades. And so, I wanted to do something about a lampshade that didn't have the Woodooz stamp.

Before the makeover

The shade was made of plain white cotton fabric and that made it much easier for me. I wanted this to be a really short and easy effort like the 15 minute lampshade DIY and so went with a very simple design.
Lampshade before the makeover
Lampshade - Before the makeover

After the Makeover

I used acrylic colors to fill the design and so, this is how it ended up looking. I am still undecided about the amount of white space in the shade. For now, I loved the simplicity of it and thought will add more designs and colors later.  I used all the primary colors just so it enables me to play around with the bedspread and the curtain colors in the future.

Lampshade - After the makeover
Lampshade Makeover DIY

Lampshade DIY
After the makeover
Let me know what you think ? Do you think I should have added more elements ? Please leave your comments and make my day. While you do that, I would also request you to join us on our Facebook page. Somu and I promise not to spam your wall.

~ Preethi

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- Somu

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  1. That is a nice makeover. I have been looking for information on materials and manufacturing method to make lampshades form scratch. So far I haven't come up across much concrete information. I have a few wood based lamps planned. I would like to have some DIY options for making these shades from scratch. Can you give some info about the availability of the electrical components for lampshades in India?

    1. Hi Kittu,

      Most DIYs are about how to make the shades... and the most popular ones actually use a premade frame and add their creativity on top of it. Building a base is something that I have hardly ever come across.

      Most of the shades that I have made in the past are just easy to do ones.

      As for the electrical kit, you absolutely have no issues with it here in India. You would get the wires and the plugs. You would get bulb holders of different sizes. You would also get a switch. I usually buy them seperately and wire them up myself.

      Let me know if there is anything specific you would like to know. I can share whatever I know and find out whatever I don't know.


  2. It looks lovely. Did u also paint on the bottle which is next to the lamp?

    1. Thanks a ton Calindgirl :). The decoupaged bottle next to the lamp shade was done sometime last year.
      I used simple A4 sheets to paint different madhubani themes and decoupaged it on to the wine bottle.

    2. I think both your pieces of art look perfect the way they are.
      Lamp looks very nice the way you have it there.

  3. i liked the makeover of lampshade :) looks elegant :)

  4. lovely designs and the makeover looks simple yet elegant...loved it a lot.

  5. Replies
    1. Hi Reshma, thanks so much for stopping by. Welcome to Woodooz!! :)

  6. Great makeover! I liked the border design quite a bit!

    1. Ambi.. thanks so much for noticing the intricate details.. :) its actually a very simple design.. :-p


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