Basic Woodworking hobby tools for the DIYer in you

All these tools were bought on a need basis as and when I required them for a specific purpose. These tools largely serve your basic DIY woodworking needs and will certainly help you make those little projects around the house. (Note: This is a repost)
Safety is of prime concern and so you should take necessary precautions. If certain tools need supervision or you are not sure of their application, try to get it done through professionals. Better safe than sorry.
Woodworking hobby tools
Woodworking hobby tools - Electric Drill

Electric Drill

This is certainly a must have tool in the house if you are a DIY lover. It helps serve multiple needs. Be it hanging a painting on the wall, or making a center table, it is the electric drill that paves way by creating that much needed pilot hole. I have used this to install cabinet doors too. The one I use costed me about Rs.700 and comes with very basic features of single speed and clockwise rotation.

Associated Drill bits

The following are the drill bits that I bought over a period of time. All of these cost between Rs.10 to Rs.30 if you buy them separately.
·  Masonry bit for drilling into concrete / brick walls
·  Twist bits for drilling pilot holes
·  Flat wood bit which I used as a counter sink bit
·  Forstner bit for installing European style hinges for cabinets
Tools for DIY
DIY Woodworking tools

Claw Hammer

The use of a hammer is quite obvious. Since the only nails I use are the headless nails, I use the hammer mostly for pounding them into the piece of wood. You can use the claw to pull out any nail or screw.
Oh ! Did I tell you that it doubles up as a kitchen accessory? I use it to break coconuts.

Cutting pliers

I use them for holding the nails in place when I am hammering them into wood. Helps protect my fingers from being smashed.  I also use them to strip off the plastic sheath from the wires while installing my DIY lampshades.

Screw Driver Set

Again another useful tool to have inside the house. Not just for the purpose of woodworking, but also for other requirements at home, these are very helpful. A kitchen hinge that is loose, a glass door that needs installation or a key holder that is not in place can be easily fixed. The entire set costed me only Rs.80.
Essential woodworking hand tools
More tools

Wood Rasp

I remove all the sharp edges in my work using the Rasp. It helps give a slight curve to the edges. For the cabinet door that I installed, I used the rasp to give the edge a half round shape.

Measuring tape

Your projects will never have the symmetry you desire if not for the measuring tape. Sometimes even a couple of mm offset can make your project look awkward and so it is essential you get used to using the tape accurately. Sometimes it is also needed that you are able to quickly shift between mm and inches as the unit of measurement depending on the situation.

L Square

Perfect tool for drawing right angled vertical and horizontal lines.

Hacksaw blade

Serves all my cutting purposes. Again, the wood that I decide to cut is always of minimal thickness for which the hacksaw is very ideal. Not really suited for cutting wood that is beyond 6 mm in thickness. Not that it is impossible, but really makes it difficult to get that clean cut.

Mica / Laminate cutter

If you work regularly with Mica or laminate, this is a very useful tool. I also use it extensively for cutting 4mm One Side Teak sheet. Beyond 4 mm, this tool is ineffective for cutting.
So that’s about the handtools (with the exception of power drill) that I use. All my projects have been built using these basic tools. Will keep adding more tools and accessories to this list in due course.

What are your favorite tools ? I am not referring to just the ones you use for Woodworking. What are the tools that you use for your arts and crafts projects too ? Share your thoughts.

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  1. gosh.. thats a lot of information for me... wow! yes.. Im an aspiring DIYer...

    1. Hi Patty, thanks. You are already an awesome DIYer. Just that your DIY tools and raw materials are different. I sure hope to see you get into the woodworking DIY bandwagon soon :) Your lamp will be delivered. Just that could not respond earlier on FB :)

  2. Somu! I must say this-- Your works are awesome and very professional! Now a days even the professional wood working people don't even have the kindness to create a craft with good finish and detail. But your works has all!

    I too have few basic hand tools and a drill. But i wish to have a circular saw on my kit one day. If we have one then we can consider half the job done for any DIY projects. Another one is the Sander which can make your life easier. Also would love to have a block plane. Do you know where can we get the Block plane in Chennai?


    1. Hi Rajesh, thanks and glad you think that way. It is easier to make a project for myself but when I do it for others, it does take some effort to work on a quality that is expected :)

      I wish for a circular saw too, but considering the noise and space constraints, I think I may not be able to own one. I recently received a multipurpose oscillator tool as a gift and once I lay my hands on the sanding pad, my sander should be ready. And true it does save a lot of trouble. Block planes should be available in Hardware stores. Every carpenter has one and so I assume it should not be a rare tool to find here.

  3. Somu...goodness, I have only jst found your blog! Thanks to the post today:).... can you tell me more abt yrself? please email me at thekeybunchATgmailDOTcom

  4. Thanks for showcasing these basic tools to me

  5. Somu whats up?! long time no post??

    1. Hi Kittu, I didn't realize that I have not been writing long enough for someone to actually notice it :)

      Few things at work and other priorities had taken over... and I could not focus much on writing anything here. Hopefully over the weekend I should do something that I can write about :)

      Thanks for asking :)


  6. wow! I like the new scheme. I guess you are still working on it.

  7. Hi Kittu, I wasn't having any post to make. So thought would change the design to a more user friendly one. Guess I was working on it while you landed on the blog.

    How do you like it ? Let me know your thoughts.


  8. You have a really beautiful space here Somu and just love the lamp shades and the other lovely DIY projects. Such good finish and so creative.
    regards vandana(The Craftsia Team)

  9. @vandana craftsia

    Thanks much for your feedback. Really feels good to know that you like what we are doing here.

  10. Dear somu, i have a likeness for wood working in my heart from my college days(There was a carpentry class in 1st year.) I was reading in many sites(all are foreign sites)and downloaded many pdf books. But they were using mainly power tools in their projects, and also the texts were hard to understand(highly professional). But after reading yours and one of Mr.indranil, now i will start my dream hobby.
    I will buy some tools and tell me how to start?

    1. Hi Sudhir, thanks for writing in. I had a carpentry class in my first year engineering too and I never used to like it. I wish i had made good use of it :) Never knew I would develop a liking what I was taught in my 1st year.

      Power tools sure make life easier but then depending on skill levels you can decide to outsource some of the work so that you can focus on what comes naturally to start with. I, for instance, get all my plywood cut by the plywood vendor because it is difficult for me to use a circular saw within the small confines of my apartment. The noise it makes sure will invite complaints from neighbors.

      Decide on a small project to start with, but those tools essential for making it and just get going. Once you start, you would find yourself sucked into the activity and will start enjoying it. Just take a plunge and go for it and buy tools as and when a need arises.

  11. Hi Somu,
    Terrific blog you have here.. I am thinking of buying an electric sander since sanding takes most of my time in a DIY project. Do you recommend buying one?


    1. Hi Praveen, thanks a lot. Sanding is the most boring task and anything that can aid in making it interesting is welcome. Power sanders will drastically reduce your effort involved and so I would say, go ahead and get one. I have an oscillating multifunction power tool and I am looking for the sanding gear for it. Once I lay my hands on it, I should get away from hand sanding :)

  12. Somu
    Nice post. Yours was the first blog I came across when searching for wood working as hobby in India. Great job.

    Do you use a work bench? If not, how do you manage your work?

    1. Hi Satish, welcome to Woodooz and thanks for stopping by :) If you notice, I only do small projects at this point in time which do not necessarily require a work bench. To answer your question I don't use a work bench and normally outsource the cutting efforts to the plywood vendor.

  13. Hey somu! Never realised anyone could do such diys in india :D and actually right now im wondering despite me owning most of the tools that youve been using, why havent i done even a single diy! Im totally inspired by your website and i hope to dust away my laziness and start away with some diys in near future! Good work keep going :)

  14. Hi, is Fevicol SH water resistant got me here. so glad to see posts on DIY in such detail. i have some 15 paintings lying in a box not being able to hand it due to getting hold of a carpenter for such petty jobs is difficult. (
    maybe i am too lazy to run around looking for one to get the job done.
    I have some paper ones unframed since it consumes more space.

    That said, will the masonary bit and electric drill help me to put up a gallery wall on my own? i have not invested in any tool so far. so is the brand good to start off.

    Your post on Bosh DIY square has enticed me enough to visit them.

    should i consider the electric wiring running through the wall while drilling a hole to put up art. most of walls at my home have a lighting fixture. although i would want to put up on one such wall since the bulb would through some light on the paintings.

  15. Nice post! Check this blog, I think it could be a good idea working with power tools.

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  17. Hi Somu
    Great going....actually doing ....! Its amazing to know someone from india doing such a good work as passion carpentry...In recent years I am looking for such a blog...
    Main reason is my 12 years old boy.....always doing some crafts, projects ....interested in DIY During vocation wants to do , learn something it possible to contact you...
    My mail id is
    I am anxious to look forward your response. Hats of you great couple

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  21. These tools are available in my family. My father is a very skilled carpenter.

  22. Very useful tools for beginner. I also a beginner woodworker really these tools very helpful for me. Thanks for the share.

  23. As a newbies these woodworking tools very important for me. Obviously I buy these tools. Thanks for the share.

  24. These are very important tools for woodworking. If any anyone need to do any types of wood work they must need these tools. I also will buy some of them for my personal DIY projects


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