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What my obsession makes me miss

Ever since we made our first DIY center table, I have been very passionate about doing one project after the other, and have taken a certain pride in showcasing all our works. This little balcony is where I do most of my work from. I roll down the bamboo blinds to beat the heat and get engrossed in my own work. It gets so obsessive that at times I have to be reminded of the things I miss. So, for a change, I gave DIY a break, rolled up the blinds and decided to open my eyes to the things I should not let pass (All pictures below were taken right from the comforts of our balcony).
Working in the balcony

While am facing the other side and working on my gate, there is a flock of cranes that are cooling it off behind my back in the mini lake that is an outcome of winter showers. Sometimes a dog playfully runs behind one of them. In a place like Chennai, such a sight is unheard of. Luckily for us, we have another year or two of this visual luxury and it is indeed criminal to show my back to this picture perfect splendor.

Flock of cranes
Flock of cranes - A view from the balcony
Like a sage in his unperturbed penance, this cormorant stays put in that pillar almost every other day. Unmoved and focused on that prized catch that it may spot inside the water. It takes a moment like this to realize the grandeur of life around that should not be missed because of certain fixations.

A cormorant waiting for that elusive fish
They are common mynas but they are not so commonly seen perching on our window sill. And so when there is a couple happily posing, I would rather not be elsewhere hammering. 

Common Mynas
Mynas on the window sill
Preethi’s mini balcony garden (that calls for a separate post by itself) invites humming birds almost every other day. Imagine seeing them flapping their wings and trying to suck nectar out of the flowers. We experience that sometimes, and know what keeps them away often ? Someone squatting on the balcony floor with  preoccupation, wood and tools. These birds have now inspired us to make a mini bird bath for them.

humming bird
A humming bird - Or so I think
On a rainy day, my work space is all wet and soggy and it spoils any project I may have in hand. The only consolation is the fresh change these rains bring. Next time, given the choice between sweating it out in my make shift work space (the guest room) and taking pleasure in the weather sipping a hot cup of chai, I should remember to go with the latter.\

Balcony Garden
Flowers in their full bloom - Balcony Garden
Oh sometimes, I spot these too. Considering this is not something I would see on a normal day, why would I even want to miss it. I played it safe and took this picture from 4 storeys above and at least about 50-60 meters away. Am obsessed with DIYing, not dying. 

Water snake
Slimy and slithery - A water snake
This is just one aspect of it. There is whole lot of other things that get hit because of my obsession. A weekend outing, a movie together, shopping, maybe my favorite show on TV, reading a book (4 years since I did that), or just that do nothing moments. This is a hobby and I should learn to give it only its due. But by being the addiction that it is now, it is really robbing me off my time that I would spend on otherwise more fulfilling things.  To step back and slow down is an art. Its about time to start mastering it.

Do you get overly obsessed too with your hobby? What is your way of ensuring that you do not get sucked into it ? Share your thoughts. It will certainly help me.

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  1. What a thought provoking post! Well one needs a hobby thats for sure in today's stressful world!...I balance it out by dabbling in various hobbies [papercrafting, clay modelling,home decor projects,reading,a little bit of sewing etc]and not getting obsessed about finishing a particular one...that way the hobby doesnt engulf you in totality!

    1. It just started as a stress buster and somehow for one reason or the other there is self-imposed pressure to keep doing projects. While it was exciting initially, it tends to, to use your own words, engulf me. Be it the need to post every week, or the urge to complete an unfinished project, they all take up much effort and time and end of the day I wonder if it is all worth it :)

      Your strategy seems like something I should try. DIY started off as a vent, and I hope it remains to be so. Maybe a book, or a weekend away from projects is what I need. Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

  2. Interesting. Loved the scenes from your balcony!
    After a few years in the "corporate world" I've realized how important it is never to ignore your old hobbies, GOT TO nurture them, right?

    1. Thanks Ambika. We love it too, and hope it stays that way for as long as it can. And you are absolutely right. Doing not much after work can sure keep the mind focused on those impending meetings, that approaching deadline, or that ugly encounter with a customer. Having an outlet in one form of the other is certainly much needed. And if it turns of to be an old hobby, all the more reason to nurture and hone it :)

      So, which one are you nurturing right now ? Painting or poetry ? My poetry blog stays ignored for the last 5 years. Maybe I should try to get back to it :) Thanks for your thoughts.

  3. A different and a thoughtful post :).....I do agree hobby is the one which keeps us alive from our routine stuff :)....i loved the pics captured from the balcony connecting us to nature..lovely post :)

    1. Hi Aparna, thanks :) I think I was bored with posting just projects. Wanted to post something different, yet not go out of context :)

  4. Very nice post Somu. Yes there are things that should never be forgotten. You have truly said that hobbies are to remain hobbies and not obsessions.

    1. Thanks Vinay... Considering the time woodworking take, am sure you would understand how much you may end up spending time on if you attempt to complete something in one full stretch !

  5. Very nice post....You have so many friends visiting you :-). Loved the Mynas

    1. Hi Ranjana, thanks... The Mynas look really cute right ? It was as if they were posing and waiting for us to click their picture :)

  6. Tell me about it!!! I have three hobbies and added to that a very busy social life and then two small kids. Yes it does burn you out. Of course kids take priority. If you are on a learning curve in a hobby then all the more difficult. I did take a step back from one hobby for a year or two.
    I suppose that as you gain skills and become more organised it makes things easier. I found that I spend nearly 80% of my time on thinking, retrieving tools doing workarounds and of course not having proper technique and having to either learn or discover it takes maximum time.
    Things are getting a bit better now though. Also as kids grow up a bit you don't need to be around every 2 minutes to monitor them. It doesn't help that machine tools are noisy and one cant do work in the night when you have the maximum free time.
    In woodworking and diy work the first time take a long time and next time things get much easier.

  7. You are definitely a blessed person. Humming birds are not found in India. I think that is a sun bird.

    Joy always,

  8. Oh a lovely post, enjoyed this a lot coz am myself a birdwatcher, and have a heaven (actually a dumpyard kind of plot) which attracts lovely winged wonders overlooking my balcony. As rightly pointed by Susan , its a Female Sunbird and not a humming bird, a treat to watch.
    Your works are simply superb, and thanks for sharing your knowledge with us. After reading your post on Paper mache, I treid lots of things for my Eco-friendly Golu, and am becoming crazy about Paper mache, such a wonderful medium to work with. Thanks once again

    1. The bird watching certainly is coming down off late with lots of apartments and towers coming up in the neighborhood. Much as we had thought, it was not something to last :) Female sunbird is it ? Will look it up. Wasn't really sure what it was and the closest that I could find was a humming bird. Will make the correction in the post :)

      I saw your paper mache work and they are really nice. Have responded to your mail and do let me know what you think.



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