A Do it yourself idol of Lord Ganesha using Paper Mache

The truest testament to a DIY tutorial is when someone follows your instructions, improvises and comes out with their own project. When we posted the complete guide to making a paper mache clay, I had few friends write to me about the how to process. One of them was Uma Pradeep, who is a big follower of Woodooz. She had been telling me how much she wanted to make something out of paper mache, and finally managed to make this idol of Lord Ganesha at the most opportune time.  

These pictures have come all the way from Edinburgh, Scotland and I shall let Uma tell you more about this project herself. 

Paper Mache Do it yourself
Make your own Ganesha idol for Ganesh Chathurthy
First of all, this is something that was very effective in keeping my kids engaged for as long as we were making this idol. They were keenly looking forward to helping me with ripping the papers off.

I did some research after I was done with this, and found that the roughness in the outcome can be avoided if soft tissues are used instead of news papers. It takes time to dry and patience is very key.

I also found that it is better if the final product is dried using a hair drier for getting a better density Small amounts (One spoon) of bleaching powder can be used on the idol after it is done to prevent formation of any moulds.
I used a base coat of poster paint and then layered it with three more coats of poster paint. The last coat was made with glossy poster paint.
I was only glad that I was able to complete this just in time for Ganesh Chathurthy. It is indeed quite a fun craft to work on and I intend to make more such stuff in some time. Of course, I also intend to apply my new learnings. Hope you like it. Do leave me a comment and let me know what you think.
Paper mache craft for 3D figurines
Lord Ganesh with his little mouse
We take a lot of pride in showcasing this post and work of Uma Pradeep. It is not so often that we have someone expressing their thoughts on the utility value of this blog, and this is one of those moments. Hope you loved this post and project just as much as we did. Remember to leave your comments. Also, Do let us know how your Ganesh Chathurthy celebrations went.

And here is a couple of Lord Ganesh DIY posts that we loved reading in the blog world.

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About the crafter:
Uma Pradeep is a mother to two very active twins and gives vent to her busy schedule through her passion for painting. She is a trained artist in Tanjore painting. She holds a full time job as a delivery manager with Accenture and lives in Edinburgh, Scotland.

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  1. Hearty congrats for your effort.

  2. Replies
    1. Hi Andree, thanks much for dropping by. We so loved the idol just as much as you did. Hope to see you around here often :)


  3. Replies
    1. Hi Sonia, awesome it is right ? We thought so too. Thanks for penning your thoughts :)

  4. Replies
    1. Thanks Notyet... Am sure your comment would make the crafter really happy :)

  5. Shocked!! Stunned!! Impressed… What can I say… This is the best ever!!

    Thank you for joining the Weekly Story @ Colours Dekor :) Hope you have a fabulous week ahead..

    1. Thanks Patty. This is work by my Friend and it is indeed quite an impressive work. Am so glad that you liked it too :) And about the Weekly story, you don't have to mention it... It is indeed my pleasure.

  6. I make paper mache Ganesh idol and love to make it.

  7. Well done Uma Aunty! xx


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