When Mural art meets Decoupage

This pickle jar that was given to me recently comes with a lot of legacy. It comes from my Mother-in-Law's collection of traditional pickle containers otherwise known as Jaadi in Tamil. So in a sense, it is special to both of us and gave me enough reasons to preserve it well and right.
Pickle Jar
Pickle Jar
Not wanting to let it store pickles and be stacked inside a cabinet, I decided to embellish it with traditional art and showcase it somewhere in the open. I have been wanting to learn Kerala style mural paintings and so used up this opportunity. I also settled for decoupaging on the jaadi.

To save me some time, I chose to reproduce sketches (duly credited at the bottom of this post) that were already available on the net and added my own choice of colors to the sketches.
The sketch
Mural Painting - Work in Progress
Mural Painting and Decoupage - Work in Progress
The paintings themselves did not take much time which made it less time consuming to complete the entire work, though I did it in phases. Just as how Mod Podge is supposed to be used, I was very generous in smearing my paintings with the glue.

Mod Podge
Smearing the decoupage glue
I did not want to complicate it much and so left the top portion of the jar in its natural glory. When I tried decoupage on water colors for an earlier project, I had issues with smudging. This time I was careful enough to use acrylic paint to avoid any blotching.

Kerala Mural Painting
Mural Art on a Pickle Jar
Mural Keral style art
Jar embellished with Kerala Mural Painting
I should thank my sister-in-law for sending me a bottle of Mod Podge from Bangalore. Since I was able to source the decoupage glue, I did not have to resort to Somu’s cheap method of making his own Mod Podge.

I would love to try different styles of painting and your words of engouragement will certainly up my motivation levels. Do leave me a comment and let me know what you think of this work. It would mean a lot.  Also, enter you e-mail address below to subscribe to updates just so you do not miss out on our forthcoming blog posts.

Painting Credits :
I have been true to the sources from where I picked the paintings. If these are not the original sources, I would be happy to make the necessary corrections.

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  1. This is really beautiful Preethi. The traditional jar used for storing pickles in Kerala home known as Bharani couldn't have got a better makeover. Liked your work with Kerala mural art very much..this is truly inspiring, has got me wanted to try this style of painting too.

  2. This is just unbelievable. It turned out very well. What a great idea to upcycle pickle jar they are looking very beautiful. I am also looking for modpodge glue since long time for some of DIY already in my mind.

  3. Hi Anu: Thank you so much for your encouragement. Glad you liked it :)

  4. Hello Vandana, Are you a native of Kerala? So a comment on murals coming from you indeed feels great. Thanks for stopping by. :)

  5. Hi Disha: Thanks a bunch. If you are in India, check out http://www.woodooz.com/2012/06/mod-podge-in-india-list-of-stores.html
    for list of stores that has modpodge. We would love to know about your decoupage works :)Please share them with us once you have it ready.

  6. Hi thans for sharing such nice decoupage tuts and also for the credits (keral mual in digital avatar)

  7. @Goma CHITHI.. Didn't realise it was you.. We had another follower Goma.. And I completely got confused :)

  8. Yes, Preethi belong to the God's Own country and there are some amazing mural works in the Ravi Varma Art Gallery at Tvm, if you do get a chance to visit the place it is truly worth it for any artist.

  9. Thanks Ambi :)

    Vandana, I would love to visit that art gallery. and God's own country is indeed a heaven :)

  10. Hello Anandhi.. Thank you so much for letting us use your digitized krishna :)

  11. Each n every piece of ur arts n paintings emits ur amazing practice & skill.awesome இதைதான் சித்திரமும் கைபழக்கமும் என்பர்

  12. Hi Preethi. Very nice works as usual. I want to start decoupage. Can you please clear a few doubts I have? Can i use pictures cut from magazines and use them for decoupage? Also, when you stick the pictures, do you use Modge Podge and stick them or do you stick them with Fevicol and use Modge Podge to put on the pictures after they are stuck? Your reply will be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance. - Swetha

    1. Hi Shwetha, thanks a lot :)

      1. Yes you can use pictures from magazines and use them
      2. Modge Podge is a glue + provides the protective top coat. So, use only modge podge for sticking them

      Hope this helps. Do drop in a comment should you need more inputs.


    2. Thanks for the prompt reply Somu. I'll try and see if I can get some Modge Podge in Hyderabad. If not, I'll need to order it online from the Pidilite store. I'll let you know how I get on.

    3. Hi Swetha, So sorry, I just saw this message. I am sometimes tech challenged ;-)
      In addition to what my dear husband has mentioned, magazines will work well. But the printing ink may sometimes smudge depending on its quality. Just try out with a small piece before decoupaging it on the main product. :) Good luck with it and do let us know how it came out.

  13. This is really great..this is the first Indian blog I came across and information on Modpodge was a blessing to hear. I have been going through many such sites and was wondering how to get hold of these products in India.

    Good Word you guys..keep it up.

    1. Though the original Mod Podge is not so easily available, there are equivalents available from Hobby Ideas in their select stores across the country.

      Thank you Akshatha for your kind words. Decoupage certainly something that we so love indulging. Do keep dropping in.


  14. Wow what a beautiful piece ...I love craft n art.but always doubtful of making some ur site sure makes me feel like trying.

    1. Hi Vandana, Please do try. It is fun and therapeutic too :) Good luck.

  15. This is awesome, but can we wash it in water?

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