A decoupage idea from the pre-internet era

We have the internet, we have mod podge, we have millions of tutorials on decoupage, we know how to make our own glue, we have fellow crafters to turn to, and we are probably only reinventing the wheels. But imagine a time when all this was absolutely not available to us. Am talking about the 80s when all we  probably had was the desire to resourcefully spend our times, but no assistance in terms of tips and tutorials.
Bharani Decoupaged
 Decoupage using Fevicol

This decoupaged Bharani is vintage, comes from the 80s and is the handiwork of Suja Mohan. What really drew me to this project was the idea of decoupage (Passport size photographs) during a time when decoupage was not a known / popular concept at all, at least around here. With just an idea in mind, hear out how Suja Mohan came out with this brilliant finish (with little aid from Doordharshan - Remember that ?)  for her bharani using just Fevicol.
  • I used only fevicol. Can u believe it !
  • I soaked the picture in water for a while and removed the thick paper behind and separated it carefully.
  • Then I let it dry and stuck it onto the jar which was painted with enamel paint (maroon).
  • I then painted the rest of the jar with golden paint. I used black marker to draw some designs all round.
  • I also used a silver pen,which used to be availabe in those days. Now the paint has started peeling off, so i may change the background sometime in the future.
  • After the whole thing was done , I let it dry for a day and then applied clear varnish.
  • As simple as that and I had not even heard of Mod Podge in those days.
I so love this work for the sheer reason that the idea to decoupage completely stemmed from the need to use the photographs on a decorated Bharani. That, I believe, is really a high form of creativity. Agree / Not agree ? Either way leave your comment. This work deserves all your accolades.

About the crafter
Suja Mohan is a Dental Surgeon by qualification, though is more passionate about music and handicrafts of any kind. She is a crafter by heart  and loves working on needlework, glass painting and more. She loves to spend time productively when she is not catering to patients.

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- Somu
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  1. very impressive... Somu!! I like the use of colour.. and photo.. You've done this beautifully... I normally use modpodge.. but struggle to do a neat job.. :)

    1. Thanks Patty, Sorry I could not get to respond to this earlier... Btw, this is not my work... just in case you thought so. Was merely showcasing a reader's craft work.

  2. The method used is exactly the way I learnt decoupaging as a teenager in 1995! The pot I made is still in great shape. Though it badly needs a fresh coat of varnish.

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