A Photo Frame Wall clock - Personalization at its best

When Sumathi wrote me an E-mail, little did I know that we used to live in the same gated community until four months back. This is one instance when the blog proved that the world is indeed a small place. The E-mail had a query on where a clock mechanism can be bought and that is all I answered.

What you see here in this post is completely her work and I am awed by how this project has turned out. I hardly battled my eyelid before I asked her if I could feature her work and she was only too happy to share with you, the details on how this clock was made. Go ahead, read about it in her own words. 

Do check out the video post on how to use the clock assembly on any clock face first and then come back.
Photo Frame wall clock
Wall clock with photo frames
  1. Frame 12 photos of your choice
  2. At the watch shop, ask for Clock hands and movements.  Choose the size of clock hands depending on  Wall clock size that you prefer (i.e diameter of the circle)
  3. Cut chart sheet or thick paper (any color of your choice)  and make a hole  in the center, so the knob of the clock movement goes inside
  4. Frame the  chart sheet (See Picture below) along with the clock movement ( Glued at the back side).  Fix hooks to hang on the wall.  The  center  frame (13th frame) is now ready
  5. Decide the diameter of the wall clock  and keep the 13th frame at the center.  Place the remaining pictures in the numerical order and you can try the same on the floor before nailing on the walls. Additionally you can also mark points on the wall for drilling using masking tapes.
  6. After finalizing the diameter, with the  help of the tape, mark the center as well as the ends of the horizontal line (i.e where you will be hanging the Number 3 and Number 9  picture)
  7. Do the same measurement vertically as well and mark the ends (i.e numbers 12 and 6)
  8. Do the same marking / nailing with the appropriate spacing and measurement for the remaining numbers*** ( Do diagonally opposite  marking so that they are in straight line)
  9. You can also try variations in the frame sizes (i.e 12, 3, 6,9 ) being in different shapes compared to other numbers
*** The numbers should be at an angle of 30 degrees from each other. If you do not have a protractor, you can simply take a  print out of this clock template and use it to mark the number points on the wall.

Wall clock with wooden frames
Clock Mechanism framed

Was that not a wonderful way to personalize a clock ? I so loved the way it has been built and I sincerely hope you loved reading Sumathi's DIY tutorial on how she made this clock. Do remember to check out what she did with Wall Decals at Colours Dekor too. Do leave a comment and let her know how much you liked her work.

- Somu

About the DIYer
Sumathi is a mother of 2 lovely boys (fighter-cocks:) who juggles well  between home and work. She is a Software Professional who is passionate about gardening and home decor.  In her spare time she enjoys being productive rather than to spend time on TV Soaps/movies. Currently she has a list of pending DIY projects in mind and is enjoying the process of learning to do things on her own.

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  1. Replies
    1. Innovative indeed. We thought so too. Thanks for your comment.

  2. Replies
    1. Hi Juan, certainly a very creative way to personalize a clock. Loved the idea a lot.

  3. a very 'personalized' clock.... one literally holding memories ..... gr8 idea.

    1. Thanks Suja Mohan... I completely agree with you that this is a great idea.

  4. Sumathi came up with a brilliant and innovative way to display family photographs. I loved it. I have family pictures everywhere, also, and can appreciate this unique way of showing them. Well done!

    Somu, your detailed directions are wonderful. There are so many items I've purchased in the past with "some assembly required" which I wish you had written the instructions for. :-/

  5. The combination of colors that you use in this Personalized wall clocks is marvelous and give a very nice effect at first look.

  6. supper!! start collecting 12 fotos and to be framed.

  7. supper!! start collecting fotos and to be framed.

  8. Wonderful! I saw a similar clock in a friend house ( magnetic numbers instead of images) and liked how creative it looks
    Useful blog :)

    1. Thanks a lot... I have to tell you that is was done by one Ms. Sumathi... We totally adored the clock that we had to put it here. :)

  9. Small version

  10. Lovely idea.. I would like to try as well.. Please share where i can buy the clock assembly in pune?? Or any online shop??

    1. Hi Swapnali, Lovely idea right ? :) We love it too. I am sure any store that sells wall clocks will be able to give you the assembly. Do check it out. They always have spares that they can part for a price.

  11. I tired this... n got many compliments too ;) thans woodooz !!;)

    1. Awesome Niharika :) All the credit goes to Sumathi who helped put up this post. Do see if you can share a photo of the work that won you compliments... Would soo love to see it :)

  12. I tried this... n got many compliments too.. :-) thanks woodooz

  13. I tried this... n got many compliments too.. :-) thanks woodooz

  14. The idea is very creative. You can design your personalize photo frame too. You can get pictures on it of your loved ones, hanged them on the wall and keep them to themselves as memories. It will look beautiful. You can buy your Personalised Photo Frames from an online store.


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