DIY Golu Steps - ugly inside; useful on the outside

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This time of the year, with everyone being busy with arrangements for Navarathri, one of the major task at almost every household is setting up the steps for arranging the dolls. If you have been setting up Golu for years together, am sure you would not have much of an issue with the steps. However, if you are doing it anew (like us) and have no major time at your disposal, here is a 5 step padi that you can build with planks, cardboards and everyday furniture around the house. 
We had leftover planks and card boards and the idea was to not spend time and money on Padi. Last year was the first time we kept Golu in our new home and maybe as we collect more dolls, we will look at a more permanent step arrangement. For now, the make shift one works good for us. Do share your thoughts in the comments section.

Golu  Padi Make it yourself
Make your own Golu Steps
Golu Padi - An Easy DIY
DIY Golu steps / Padi

1. Materials used for the steps

  • Bottom step - Center table
  • Step number 1 - Card board sheets (The ones I used for demo for my Clock DIY video)
  • Step number 2 - 6mm Plywood planks
  • Step number 3 - 19 mm Plywood planks
  • Top most step - OST sheets

2. Mounting the planks 

  • Bottom step - The center table itself formed the bottom most step
  • Step number 1 - Used two cardboard boxes (placed on the center table) on the corners and piles of papers to support the Carb board sheets
  • Step number 2 - Stacked up bricks (on the center table) on which the 6mm plywood planks were placed
  • Step number 3 - Placed dining chairs on opposite ends and supported the 19mm plank on the back rest
  • Top most step - Placed two modas on the dining chairs, added shoe boxes and books for height and for holding the OST sheets
Do it yourself Golu steps
Make your own Golu steps using planks and everyday furniture
The idea here was not to showcase any carpentry skills. The purpose was to build the steps with whatever we already had in ways that anyone can do. I know it doesn't look great on the inside. But it certainly serves the purpose after appropriately covering it up. We have for now covered the setup with news papers and we will soon use the traditional white dhoti on top. Work is still in progress and thought there is no better time than now to post this. 

How do you do your Golu steps ? Already have a knockdown setup ? Plan to get it done for the first time ? Leave us a comment.

Here is two DIY projects on Golu steps that we loved while browsing the net for ideas :

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  1. This is a real cool golu padi tutorial..easy and great way to use what you have around the house to make your own indigenous padi. Nice post as usual. Looking forward to see it after its all done with the dolls.

    1. Thanks Vandana... The finished product is up too :) Hope you like it !

  2. Nice post. Nice to see that you one use everyday things for such practical purposes. Do post pictures of the finished steps.

  3. வல்லவனுக்கு புல்லும் ஆயுதம் ,அருமை

  4. that sure is a very innovative Golu-Padi
    was waiting to see the finished padi...
    happy navratri

  5. very useful post thanks for sharing

  6. We use long planks and create 7 steps. We set the planks for each step on document boxes (they are standard size) collected over a few weeks. These are the cardboard boxes that printer paper comes in at the office supplies stores. It's perfect height and uniform. Then I cover the steps with white queen size bed sheet used only for this purpose.

  7. It was such a relief to find ur brilliant idea when I was not willing to run around to Home Depot or Lowe's for the fancy golu steps. Now the tricky part is to find the same size planks-LOL!! Thanks for the excellent post!

    1. Hi Radha, Thanks a lot for the feedback. Yeah it does get a little tricky especially considering I had used of some of the planks and for this year we had to struggle a bit. For 2014, I plan to make proper golu padi which when dismantled can be used for some other purpose the rest of the year :) Btw, did you get your planks ? :)

  8. I love how you have used all everyday items to make such a lovely steps structure for the display. Brilliant. Sometimes all it takes is to look around the house and use whatever possible.