Make your own DIY Clock - A video post

Making a video post has long been in my mind and I was shying away from it for various reasons.  Today, I decided to take the plunge and chose a very simple post just for me to get used to being in front of the camera.
In this video post, I am explaining the making of a sample DIY wall clock along with
  • the clock assembly,
  • the various materials that you can use for the clock face and 
  • how the assembly is fixed to the face.

This is my first attempt and hence looking forward to your feedback on the content and delivery, as it would help me improve the quality of the videos in future. Was it properly paced ? Was it too slow ? Was it too boring ? Was it too monotonous ? Was it too long ? Was it clearly understood ? Those are the kind of feedback am looking at.
Clock assembly and wall clock making
My DIY Wall Clocks
Meanwhile, I hope you find good use for this video post. This post is highly relevant considering we have a "Showcase" post coming up this week on building your own DIY clock at home by one of our readers.

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P.S. Did not find time to make a regular post on this topic along with the video. Will do it another time and update it as part of the same post.
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  1. Well done Somu, Wow!!! This is what I was looking for so long. Thanks a ton. You are great!! This is the perfect video with all the explanation on how to make clock. Please share more DIY videos :)

    1. Hi Disha, thanks much for the the feedback... And am sooooo glad that you like it :) Those are very encouraging words :) Am assuming you are soon going to make a clock at home... Are you ?

  2. Hey Good One Somu! I love the fact that this is the most simplest DIY stuff one can make at home with little investment. I remember making this one back when I was in school. I used the dial from an old broken clock. and some chart paper stuck to some thero-cole.

    1. Hey Eddie, thanks... I wanted to start with a simple video and move on to complex ones as I get used to being in front of the camera... The words are still not flowing out naturally and I hope to work on it. I have used an old clock earlier for the fancy dials that it had... So much fun I say :)

  3. Hi Somu,
    Good one! You are not camera shy at all :). Nothing can beat a video when it comes to demonstrate something, especially a DIY.

    1. Hi Santhosh, Thanks a lot... And I complete agree... Nothing like a step by step video :)

  4. Hey Somu, That was super awesome!!! Im definitely gonna try my hand at making a clock soon :)
    Do you have any tutorials on how to make a mirror frame??? This has been in my head for a while and I wanted to try this on my own rather than getting it outsourced.... any ideas???

    1. Hi Rinku,
      Unfortunately I havent been working on making frames for mirrors and I haven't done enough reasearch to be able to completely answer your query. However, if you would let me know the size of the mirror, let me check that out and come back :)

      As for the clock, you should try it... It is the most fun project that I have done and there are so many similar clock ideas that I want to implement. And remember, I would love to see the clock you make. So, do share when you are done.

    2. Hey Thanks a bunch.... was thinking of something on the lines of 4'x 1.5'
      Still to get started though... but trust me you would definitely be the first person I show it off to :-P

  5. Hi, I stumbled upon your blog while searching for a source to buy decoupage solution. I am really glad and excited to have found your blog. DIY is so much fun and still so rare in our country as a grown up hobby. I am a graphic designer and love to craft now and then. I am, like you am a fan of custom clocks. Here's one I made a couple of years ago.
    good luck and keep it up.

    1. Hi Pragya, Welcome to Woodooz and thanks a lot for taking the time to dropping in a comment :) Did you get to find what you were looking for in decoupage ?

      I just went through your MDF clock and it was just amazing. Loved that laser cut design and the amount of personalization that has gone into the clock. Am sure your parents would have fallen in love with it instantly :)

    2. Thank you. I specialise in custom lettering and drawing those words for the clock was a lot of fun. Yeah, my parents loved it.

      I did find a source for decoupage solution on your blog. Your list of stores helped. I live in kolkata and starmark stocks it. Thanks again.


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