A DIY Lampshade for the craft loving Chennai folks

When the Chennai Crafters group decided to meet up, all of us wanted it to be one fruitful gathering besides  meeting up and discussing various crafts. And so when the admin suggested that we do a demonstration of one of the Woodooz products, we were quick to grab the opportunity. The lampshade was our natural choice for four reasons :
  1. It did not require complicated woodworking skills, expensive materials or any major tools
  2. It is relatively easier to demonstrate than the other products that we have here
  3. It is something everyone can go back home and try
  4. Light and color, we thought, would be appealing and interesting to everyone
Easy Lampshade DIY
DIY Lampshade
We decided to make a small (31 cm in height and 11 cm width), simple and yet a very colorful shade - something similar to the bedside lampshade that we made earlier. Red and orange with a green patterned border is what we finalized on. We also wanted to keep the base very simple, and used 19mm plywood edge banding sticks to build it.

We somehow did not bother to capture the step by step details of this shade because we were racing against time to be fully prepared for the demonstration. To save time, we had pre-built the frame and the base much before the actual demo.

Home-made lampshade
Handmade lampshade
Somu during the demo
We had just enough time to show how the fabric was wrapped around the frame.  What you see above (without the the light and after it is lit) is what we eventually came up with. Sooner or later, we certainly shall share the details on how the whole thing was built. For now, just going to leave you with the end product. Blame it on our photography skills, the photo below is not doing justice to how the shade really looks when lit. Nonetheless, do let us know how you like it.

We are happy that the shade was picked up by someone instantly after they saw what they saw. Certainly a boost to the efforts that we put into building this one. Leave us a comment. It is the much needed motivation for us in this online world.

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  1. Hi Somu,

    This is a really good concept. I've been looking for such a type of lampshade. Thanks for sharing this. :)

    Happy New Year :)


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    1. Thanks a lot Jay... and wish you a happy new year too :)

  2. Hi ,

    Beautiful lampshade. Love the colour & the pattern. Looking forward to the detail step by step post .


    1. Hi, Thanks... Will certainly post the steps when I get around doing it :)

  3. Hi Somu,

    Again a beautiful creation and congrats on the fruitful meeting with fellow DIY's . Have a query regarding the cloth. How have you fixed it with the frame. When I use fevicol, it crinkles the cloth as it is drying. So the finish is not very good and also feels rough to the touch. The image of your lamp does not show any such problem so what is the trick :-)


    1. Hi MS, honestly there was no trick... We used the same Fevicol for this project... Applied it generously and stuck the fabric. Maybe try sanding the stick if it is the underlying surface that is causing the rough feeling. And thanks for your feedback as always. :)


  4. Lovely lampshade Somu. I always like the useful sharing done by u here on blog. Currently due to other high priority task, I hardly get some time to do active blogging, but I do read post by my blogger friends. Your blog is one of them, although I miss on putting the comments for the post. I am waiting for How to post for this lampshade :).

    1. Hi Aparna, I did notice that you have been dormant for quite some time. But I can understand when you say you have other priorities... It is really difficult to maintain a blog actively until all other priorities are sufficiently fulfilled. Will look forward to your warli in the coming days.

      And thanks a lot for coming back despite us being not so regular in our posts :) We are trying to regularize our posting... but again, there are other priorities here too that prevent us from being frequent :)

  5. Hi Somu,

    I have been reading all your lampshade posts and am totally in love with each and every one you've made! Please please post step by step instructions as soon as you can - especially the floor one! I can't wait to make one myself.


    1. Hi Urmili, thanks a lot... Certainly shall work on the steps... Do keep coming back. Am really sorry about the delayed response... I seem to have missed it earlier.

  6. This looks fabulous and would fit in beautifully in any house!

    And the word 'craft club' is ringing bells in my head. I wanna be a part of one such club too. Do you guys plan to travel to Delhi ;)

    1. Hi Tanya, thanks a lot... Craft club sure sounds fun na ? I found them through FB... and I believe each city should be having its own FB group. If not, it is time to start one for Delhi, right ? I do travel to Delhi on and off... but I doubt if the entire group can :P

      And btw, welcome back. You have been off for a while and it is nice to see you back in action.

  7. Oh I like. I like.. awesome concept.. HOw I wish I was near by to join the craft club... and you know I love this lampshade anyway!!

  8. I would've picked this one if I was there. Your hands are precious and YOU are gifted. Wonderful.

    Joy always,

  9. nice one bro, waiting for step by step to how to do it, like to do one for myself :)

    1. Thanks bro... The step by step is due and will be up as soon as I start my next project :)


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