Looking back at the 99 that have gone by

Saying am not bothered about numbers would be a cliché and a big lie too. Numbers indicate growth and consistency and they certainly have their way of providing the necessary push. This 100 signifies one key thing – That I have been able to hold on to Woodooz for 100 long posts. It also tells me that I have had at least one post a week in the last one year which is significant, considering how awful I am at managing my time. Just wanted to look back at those projects that gave us immense pleasure, and the required drive to keep the momentum on. Will leave you with the pictures and links to the posts that have been extremely special to us. Do visit each of these pages and leave us your words of encouragement.

          The one that started it all. The first thing that I ever made after deciding to indulge in DIY
   The first clock that I ever made for our master bedroom
The first lampshade that was actually a result of looking at ways to recycle an old kurta
Preethi's Aravind Kolapkar reproduction that adorns the living room wall
The first decoupage project and experiments with madhubani
The paper mache name board that we so proudly display in the entrance of our home
It may just seem like a filler post, but then this is a milestone and I wanted to place it on record. It does seem a little nice to sit back, go through the archives and wonder how all this started, but then reality kicks in and I realize I'd rather be working on a work in progress project. While I get back to it, do leave us a comment. Let us know what you think of Woodooz.

- Somu
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  1. Woodooz is very inspiring and all your lamp shade posts are fabulous..

    1. Hi Nayana, Thanks a lot... So much good to know that you are drawing some inspiration from Woodooz... And trust me, the lampshades are our personal favorites too. Thanks a lot :)

  2. Hello Somu,
    Many congrats on this achievement. It is no mean feat and takes an awful lot of commitment to carry on any activity. Hope that you continue to inspire us lazy ones with new things.

    1. Hi MS... I do hope to write as much as I can on this topic. Thanks a lot for your continued support.


  3. Congrats Somu..it is a wonderful milestone indeed and the fact that you are able to churn up a post a week is a big deal in a specialized niche blog such as yours. I have been trying to get my husband to take up woodcraft as a hobby as he seriously needs to de- stress. Have been citing your blog a major inspiration.Keep crafting and posting!
    Dr Sonia
    Cards Crafts School Projects

    1. Hi Dr.Sonia. Thanks a lot... I dont know how much I should be fixated on numbers, but this is not something I wanted to miss mentioning :) I am happy that you are citing Woodooz to inspire your husband... It is indeed a big de-stresser :) Thanks again for dropping in and penning your thoughts.


  4. all of it.. very very inspiring.. I love how you guys have time to DIY, paint.. and do all the little thins you love.. :)

  5. Congrats on your 100th, Somu. I absolutely loved all the DIY stuff you have done. Here's wishing more to come.


    Joy always,


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