We are shutting down by end of this month

Yeah, I was equally shocked when I heard this news about closure of Google Reader from end of this month for two reasons :
  1. I follow close to 70+ remarkable crafts / home d├ęcor / arts / DIY and related blogs on Google Reader
  2. There is a possibility of losing existing RSS followers of Woodooz who currently are using Google Reader
The purpose of this post is two fold :
  1. Tell our existing subscribers to migrate from Google Reader (if that is what you are using) before it is too late
  2. Tell all the non-subscribers to go ahead and start subscribing to our RSS feed

Here’s two reasons why you should not worry about subscribing to the Woodooz feed :
  1. Our objective is to post 1 post every week. Sometimes, we post two. Most times, we fall short of meeting even this objective. Bottom line :  You will not see a torrent of updates from us everyday.
  2. Woodooz is all about Indian Woodworking, DIY, Arts and Crafts. I reiterate. It is all about only that. We completely avoid digressing, deviating, going off tangent, wandering, and straying (add every other synonym that you can find to this list). Except of course for an occasional post like this. 
If you are new here and not sure what to expect from subscribing, do take a moment to view our gallery to understand what we do here. If you are still not convinced… come on… Just go ahead and subscribe.
And for everyone else, please make sure you migrate your feeds to your new reader. Remember to not miss out on reading all your favorite blogs.  If you are clueless about an alternative to Google Reader, check out Feedly. I had all my feeds migrated to Feedly and am mighty happy with the interface. 

Also, remember to visit our subscription page to know how else you can connect with us.
And just in case you are still wondering... NO ! We are not shutting down. Woodooz is here to stay.

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  1. phew....what a relief reading the entire article was.
    almost suffered a heart attack when i read the title and was wondering why and how woodoz could shut down :)

    1. Ha ha ha ! Always nice to see you around here Suja. And no, we don't have a solid reason to stop doing what we do in this blog :)

  2. My daughters friends had come over today...introduced them to your blog...they were very much impressed. all of them are doing their M Tech now,but seemed determined to try out the clocks :)

    1. Oh that is really super... Clocks are really really fun to make :) Good luck to them. And thanks as always for the overwhelming support that you give me :) Really appreciate that.

  3. Why do they have to shut down products that are in use!! Phewww... I am not very fond of migrations and these product owners make it tougher. Thanks to blogger like you, who take the pain to collect all info and compile it into such an easy to understand and follow post.


    1. Hi Tanya,

      Yeah seriously... I am fine with Google Reader. Just hoping they dont shut down feedburner as that would mean losing all my subscribers. :) It was no pain actually because I use reader regularly. Btw, did you subscribe ? :P


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