DIY Center Table - Anniversary post

As we step into the fourth year of Woodooz tomorrow, we wanted to look back at our most favorite project ever. This center table - The first thing we ever made. Still remember how when we started, we had absolutely no clue how to go about it. The internet had loads of information, the plywood store guys were not so helpful and we had no expertise whatsoever to even think that we could pull it off.

It has been an enriching ride here in Woodooz with learning opportunities coming our way every other day. It is this table that made us ask the question, "Can we make it ourselves?" every time we wanted something for the home. Three years on, and we still proudly use this table in our living room.. It may have its minor defections, but to know that we built it from scratch has always given us immense pleasure.

The table has seen many a steaming coffee spills and yet has stood the test of time. Many a dinners have happened around it. We have used it for all our Scrabble and Rummy sessions. And to think how many conversations it has started only makes this table a personal favorite of ours. 

Center Table / Coffee Table
While I intend to do a "How to build your coffee table" using Sketchup illustrations (unfortunately, we never thought we would have a need to put up a DIY post ever and so we never took pictures at every step), I will leave you with the details on the materials, tools that I used to get this done. Do remember to leave us a, "Happy Blog Birthday" message and make our day :)

Materials usedTools usedFor the finishMiscellaneous
Deal wood for the legs
Plywood for the table top
One side teak (OST) for the top finish
Rubber bushes
Electric Drill
Drill bit for pilot hole
Drill bit for counter sink
4 inch screws
Glue (Fevicol SR)
L Shaped clamps
Headless nails
Screw Drivers
Emery (Sand) Paper (Grade 80, 100, 120)
Ramson wood sealant
MRF Wood stain
Clear Gloss Varnish
Gada Cloth
Vinyl Gloves

Table Measurement
Height 10.2 inches
Length 3 ft
Breadth 2 ft
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  1. Dear Sir,

    you are using a wrong system for your finish.Ramson Sealer will not withstand for more than a year coz of the resin used its manufacturing process... its rather a cheap alternative...

    try using a polyurethrane sealer with PU topcoat

  2. gopal,
    R&D executive
    Reputed paint MNC

  3. Hi Gopal, Thanks a lot for the feedback.
    This was my first project and I chose my materials and consumables in discussion with a professional carpenter...

    After this I used the same combination (Sealant - stain - varnish) and have seen good results... At some point I also started using fillers with stain.

    However, would love to experiment with ployurethrane... Do you have any recommendations ? If you cannot mention brands here, please do e-mail me @

    Thanks a lot for your feedback.

  4. I'd have loved to see the detailed description of how you went about with your first project. I'm planning on making a table myself. would've appreciated the detailed description for newbies like me. cheers mate ! , you're an inspiration !

    1. Hi Pritam, I so wish I had captured the details while I was making this table. When I made this, "Woodooz" was not existent... I had no clue that it would draw me into more DIY. I just made it and posted the eventual pic. Will see if I can get some details on other tables I made. Shoot me an e-mail if you need help. I can share the sketch of the plan.

  5. awesome. I stumbled upon ur blog while searching for guidance on power tools for wood working.I try the same coffee table. how did you cut the wood? any pointers for which saw to use for plywood would be great hu

    1. Hi Akhil, I cut the wood at the timber store. I don't have the skills / space as yet to use a power saw :) Thanks for your feedback on the blog.

  6. happy happy blog birthday :-) wishing u n preeti many more years of woodoozing :-)

  7. happy happy blog birthday :-) wishing u n preeti many more years of woodoozing :-)

  8. happy blog birthday you two! your coffee table just happens to be my fav woodooz project too!

    looking forward to woodooz' fourth year of fantastic posts!


    1. Hi Sharon, thanks a lot :) Glad you like this project too... And I had to post a picture that we had earlier given for use in Keybunch. Hope you don't mind :)

  9. Happy Blog Birthday to you Somu and Preethi!
    Almost all of your projects are mine favourite.

    Wish you many more wonderful years at woodooz.

    1. Hi Shalini, Thanks much for your wishes :)

  10. Happy Blog birthday to you both!! wishing you many more to come.. looking fwd to many more inspiring projects...

  11. Belated happy blog anniversary to you guys! I am a recent reader of your blog, but a regular one. Although I don't know if i will ever muster enough courage to ever start woodworking, I greatly admire you guys. Full steam ahead!

    1. Not belated at all... You sent the wishes just in time and welcome to our blog. Hope you like what you see here and end up being a long term reader :) Thanks for all the kind words.

  12. Happy anniversary and our best wishes for woodooz blog to grow more& more with enchanting&inspiring new creativities in the days to come. mama,athai

  13. Happy 4th b'day to Woodoz! That's totally awesome that you've made it this far. Wishing you two many more years of Blogging and DIYing bliss!

    1. Thanks Vidya for the wishes. Really appreciate it.

  14. HAPPY BLOG BIRTHDAY ! Double Cheers to you guys !! Wish Woodooz go a long way..This is really inspiring for budding DIYers like me..Thanks a lot to both of you :-)

    1. Hi Dheeraj, Welcome to the blog and thanks a lot for your kind wordss :) Will look forward to your continued support in the future too :)

  15. Hi Somu, Congrats on the 3 year milestone .. and by the way, looking like a desi wood cutting James Bond in that photo with the power drill :-)

    1. Hi MS, been a long time. How have you been ? And the James Bond photo looks like has had its intended effect ;) Thanks for your wishes.


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