Organizing my carpentry tools and accessories

The biggest issue for me while working on a DIY is that I keep wasting time looking for things. I would have no clue where I kept my small screw driver or where the 220 grit sand paper is. The other issue is taking them out of their storage cabinet. If I need something, there is every bit possibility that I might have to dig deep into the cabinet, maybe even pull some things out, before I can find what I want. Considering I was not working on any projects for a long time,  thought will use the time to put an end to all these issues.

Does it partially remind you of your spice rack in the kitchen ? :) I had a spare 12 mm plywood which I hung in a non-intrusive space in the service area. May look clumsy, but trust me, very convenient. The reason for putting this up was twofold:
  1. Clear up space in the service area cabinet and find more functional uses for it
  2. Designate space for every tool and make it easily accessible (for me)
Now I have designated holders and space for:
  • My 3 inch screws (notice the upcycled green Vaseline bottle ?)
  • Smaller screws
  • Headless nails
  • Drill bits
  • Some of my tools
  • And even sand papers
While I have been wanting to do this for a long time, I have to agree that I was inspired by this post of Vinay to get this done really quick. I still have lot of space left on the plywood (as you can see) and will probably spend sometime this week hanging up the rest of the items in my list. Meanwhile, if you can guess what the blue file holder is for, leave me a comment. Leave me a comment otherwise too. :) 

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  1. Good idea. I too waste time boxing/unboxing tools and looking for the right box :-).

    I guess the folder is having sand papers?

    How are you able to hang the fevicol bottle?


    1. Hi Gopal, you are right, the folder is holding sand papers... As for the fevicol bottle, I just drilled a hole and hung it in a headless nail. However, realized it is a big mistake as the glue started drying. Have to look at other means to hang it :)

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