The easiest DIY Center Table you can ever build

There are two reasons why I have titled this post the way I have :
  • One is because it is simply the easiest center table that you can ever make
  • And secondly, I made my table with no prior knowledge on Woodworking and so I believe anyone can too

For reasons unknown, I never captured the individual steps involved in making the earlier tables. And so, I am going to take advantage of Google Sketchup and the illustrations I made to try to explain the steps in making this simple table. Point to note : This will work wonders if the height of the table is low, and the legs are wide.

Materials and tools required :

  • 19mm Plywood (2 ft x 2 ft) for the table top
  • Padauk Wood (4 inch x 4 inch and 23cm in height). You can get this from either a plywood store or a local timber store.
  • In both the cases above, I gave the specifications to the store owner and had them cut at the store
  • 3 inch screws
  • Electric Drill
  • One Side Teak for covering the table top 
  • Stains / paint as applicable

Step 1 and  2

Just place the plywood top on legs that are placed on each corner. Make sure the legs are properly aligned to be along the edges of the plywood top
Do it yourself coffee table
Place the plywood top on the wide legs below

Step 3 and 4

Drill pilot holes through the plywood top and into each of the legs beneath. Through the already drilled pilot holes, drive the 3 inch screws in. You will need a minimum of 2 screws and can add more if needed. As you can see, I drove those screws along the diagonal edges of the padauk legs.

You can smear Fevicol SR (before you drive the screws) to the surface of the legs and the top where they come in contact with each other.
Pilot holes and driving screws
Just drill pilot holes and drive the long screws in

Step 5 and 6 :

Just allow the glue to dry and your table is ready. Of course, it is not ready in its finished state. You still have to sand, add color and apply a top coat. You can also install rubber bushes to the bottom of the legs to make pulling around noise free.
Center table - Coffee table
Install rubber bushes if required
Do remember that this simple technique works as long as the table height is low and legs are wide. Longer and slender legs would mean there would be instability because of wobbling. Of course, this can be overcome by using joints and additional horizontal support between the legs, but then, it would not be the easiest table to make, right?

To finish, here’s what I did (You can click on the links for more details).
I covered the top with One Side Teak, completely sanded all the surfaces (top and the legs) and finally stained it.
So, agree or not agree?  Does that look like the simplest table? Share your thoughts.
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  1. Excellent yet simple design! I am in need of a center table at my house, and I think I will take inspiration from this and build one.

    I have one suggestion for your next post: You mention the wood Padauk. The availability of specific wood species has always challenged me, specifically where I live (Pune). I have scoured the Pune 'Timber Market', which is pretty big, and has at least 100 timber merchants, but none of them seem to know about any wood OTHER THAN Teak, Pine, Deodar, Sal and Silver Oak. Unfortunately, EXCEPT Teak, the other woods are used more in the construction industry, and have very uninteresting grain pattern.

    So, in your next post, it would really help if you could share you knowledge about the various types of woods available in India, and if possible, their Indian and Western names.

    Thanks, and keep up the great work.



    1. Hi Shripad, thanks a lot for the suggestion. Will certainly look into it. As you are aware, am a hobbyist myself and still trying to expand my knowledge on the different types of wood. What I normally do is spend time at the timber / plywood store and explain my requirement and try to understand what the merchant has to recommend. That is how I came across Padauk. As I start working with different types of wood, I would certainly share my inputs :)

    2. And remember to share the center table that you build :)

  2. Simple yet elegant, lovely work Somu! Thanks for sharing.

  3. hi...
    We are getting some furniture made and there is a lot of wastage (wooden strips, blocks..irregular shapes). Do you have any ideas about how to use these pieces to make show pieces??? I'll probably ask the carpenter to do it..please help

  4. it's great to make your own furniture to learn more about how to make other furnitures ..
    that what you want to make for your self

  5. Hi, This could be made as puja chowki as well. I had a long table which I got divided into half because of space constraint and left with one table top without legs and one square table with legs. Since then I was thinking of getting that table top converted to low height puja chowki. This seems a guidance doing so. And one more thing to ask "Padauk" is legs of table (Paaye in North India).

  6. According to vedic shastras, setting up a 4 leg table in centre of house or living room makes positive vibes comes inside the rooms. I think i have to buy this centre table immediately because its looks nice, have 4 legs, have a finish that anyone drop in love with that and its its with wood so gives nice appreance.

    Thanks for this blog post.
    Navigate Home Studios


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