Oscillating multi-function power tool - My recent fascination

Disclaimer 1 : This is neither a tool review nor a sponsored post. I have not been contacted by anyone to write this post. This is part of the series where I write about the tools that I use for my home DIY projects. You can read about the other tools that I use by clicking this link here.

Owning a tool or not having the skill to use one is probably one of the hurdles in DIY in India, and am sure many of you would agree. This is a reason why I invariably outsource the cutting wood activity to someone at the timber store.  It has always been easy that way. Give the dimensions and be done with it. But, with my side table, I was left with a challenge. I needed to have the plywood top cut to the exact dimensions as the frame inset measurement. The challenge though was that the frame was not fixed exactly at 90 degrees, which meant, giving the dimensions to have the plywood cut may not really work.

This is when I decided to take the task upon myself, and took out a tool gift that I received couple of years back – The oscillating multifunction power tool. I have used the tool earlier but I was not ready to write about it here until I was fully convinced that I could use it for a real project. Before I put it up here, I wanted to be sure that I am able to use the tool to suit my DIY needs at home. So, finally I braced myself and cut the plywood (12mm thick and 18 inches in length) in less than 5 minutes and the result is here for all to see.
Another DIY tool for home woodworking
Oscillating multi-function power tool
The concept behind the tool is quite simple. It comes with a spindle to which you can attach the required cutter / blade / other attachments. When powered on, the spindle oscillates back and forth at an astounding speed of 21k oscillations per minute (may vary from product to product). Imagine using a saw to cut wood and your one up and down manual motion of the saw as one oscillation. This tool can do 21,000 of those in just a minute. With the right angle, and the right pressure applied onto the wooden surface, getting your work done is a piece of cake. The plywood cut came out so perfect that I was kicking myself for not using the tool earlier.

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Home DIY woodworking tool
Oscillating tool and the blade accessory
The accessories / blade attachments are sold separately and there are quite a few attachments available for various activities like cutting wood, pipes, removing grouts, sanding etc… (hence the name multi-function)  I only have an angled cutter that is now coming in handy for my DIY cutting needs. This now gives me the confidence to move from smaller projects to medium sized projects.  But the biggest advantage I see is that I can eliminate the dependence on timber stores for my home needs. I would have loved to do a video. Nonetheless, I am leaving you with a link to Youtube videos that talk about the tool’s versatility.
home based woodworking hobby
Trying the oscillating multi-function power tool
I would like to thank my cousin Raji for this gift and want to tell her that I have started fully using the tool. The official site claims that this is a tool suited for home DIY and hobbies and I fully agree. This is certainly a valuable addition to my tool kit which is mostly only hand tools, barring my electric drill and I highly recommend it for a budding home DIYer like me.

Disclaimer 2 : I am merely posing for the photo. Please exercise caution and ensure you read the user manual for the correct way to hold and use the tool. Also ensure you take precautionary safety measures before you start working on a DIY project using the tool.

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  1. Hi somu nice review. Do you think this is more useful than a jigsaw?

    1. Hi Vinay, I have not used a Jigsaw as yet and so am not able to make a comparison. The advantage here is the fact that it comes with attachments that can help with functions other than merely cutting. Purely from a cutting standpoint, I think a jigsaw might be more convenient, but then this is my assumption. I plan to get one in the near future. Will keep you posted.

  2. Hi somu,it is a wonderful tool that you inducted for your DIY project.seen the videos of various usage of the tool.With the advent of this,many of your labourious works such as cutting,scraping,sanding,polishing are made easy.it is indeed a boon. - mama

  3. Hi somu, I have and using a dremel oscillating multifunction tool. This is a very powerful, but with limited use for a hobby woodworker. The best part of it is that you can make mortising or sanding in deep corner with its triangle shape sanding pad. This is more useful if you are dealing with wood (not ply or factory made boards). I think this is not a crown tool in my wood shop. For making long cuts you have to use a table saw or jig saw or hand saw.


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  6. I have use Rockwell F50, and I wouldn't have believed how remarkable this wonderful tool is, it's fast and very effective on the job, TIP if you run it a slower speed less heat build up on blades it will last much longer, because they are not exactly cheap...

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  20. LOL at the second disclaimer. Well, it pays to be safe than sorry having people blame you for being careless if they try to use the tool like that!

  21. LOL at the second disclaimer. Well, it pays to be safe than sorry having people blame you for being careless if they try to use the tool like that!

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