Look what I received for winning the Bosch #MyDiyProject contest !

Honestly speaking, not much DIY is happening at home. Chennai is at its hottest best and sadly the worst is yet to come. Locking ourselves up in an air conditioned room is the most popular activity that is going on for some time and that gave us the chance to catch up with few horror movies we always enjoy watching together. Meanwhile, Bosch India invited entries from DIY enthusiasts to showcase their DIY works. And considering it was very relevant to what we do here, I sent a load of entries to them. Not that I am indulging in any vanity here, but the contest rule clearly stated that I have to be posing alongside my project.
My Woodworking projects
Posing with my DIY projects
In fact, I sent few more entries too. But, only the following were shortlisted.
There were other entries too from other hobbyists and it was wonderful that one of our entries was chosen as a winner.  And here’s what they had to say about the entries:

“We are delighted to see the kind of DIY skills our participants showcased through their #DIYProjects. With so many amazing #DIYProject entries it was hard to narrow down to three winners. Hence we decided to announce not three but four winners. Congratulations to all the winning entries!”
Winnders of MyDiyProject Contest
The #MyDiyProject winners
If you have been following Bosch India, you would by now be aware of their DIY Square in Bangalore. While I have only had the opportunity to read about it, it does seem like a go to place (And I have it in my agenda during my next Bangalore visit) for folks who want to try their hand at power tools and get some first-hand do it yourself experience. Not surprisingly, I received a Dremel Engraver as a gift couple of days after the winners were announced. Not surprising because there have been lots of workshops happening over the last few months at their DIY Square and the Dremel has extensively been the product of attraction.

The Dremel Engraver in their own words - "An engraving tool with variable depth control, for engraving on a wide variety of materials like metal, glass, wood, plastics, ceramics, etc. This kit also includes a letter & number template for easy engraving of letters & numbers."
Engraving tool - Dremel
Bosch Dremel Engraver and my experiment with it
I have been playing with the Dremel over the weekend and I am yet to get the hang of it. I still don’t know what kind of projects I would be using it on, but I intend to experiment with it more and put it to best possible use. I do have some thoughts, but need to gain more expertise in using the tool before I can even start executing the project. Will share it here as soon as I start giving life to those unexplored ideas. Meanwhile, it has been a long time and a comment from you would be really nice. :-)

Disclaimer : Do note that I received the Dremel as a gift for winning the contest hosted by Bosch India.This is not a tool review or a sponsored post. I was not contacted by Bosch to write this post.This is part of the series where I write about the tools that I use (/intend to use) for my home DIY projects. You can read about the other tools that I use by clicking this link here

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  1. Way to Go Somu.....
    congratulations .. and do let us know when u master this engraver. would love to know how it works on glass

    PS: i liked the expalnation you gave for 'posing' next to your projects...
    :D :D

    1. Hi Suja, Thanks... I know that was too much... But I was strictly abiding by the rules. Maybe that's why I saw two un-subscriptions today... Too much overdose of 'posing' :)

  2. wow somu,congrats winning the contest of Bosch India was yet another shot in the arm for DIY project - mama&athai

  3. Congratulations.

  4. Oh wow, congrats, the inverter battery cabinet is a super-useful idea! Our battery at home is such an eyesore, right in the entryway :(
    Have fun with the engraver and do show us your progress as you go!

  5. don't bother with comments and subscriptions..it comes with this genre posts.. but the footfalls does matter.. wood engraving is good na.. you make the wood designs, and let preethi do her artwork engraved on it.. say penholders, nameplates in different wood shapes, wood coasters with artwork, patterned tables.... dont ask me to do it.. i can just give ideas.. :)

  6. clocks and key holders too....

  7. Congrats Somu...proud of you!! Good to see hobby crafts going places in India. I bought the Dremel for my hubby for his birthday but the busy ENT Surgeon he is ...he is yet to take it out of the pack!! Waiting eagerly to see your posts on it

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  9. Congratulations and thanks for sharing your experiences.

  10. Congratulations for winning the Bosch #MyDiyProject contest ! I adore you

  11. Congratulations. You deserve with the award. Keep moving.

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  13. Congratulations for winning the tools - they looked great! And, I can't imagine working on ANYTHING when temperatures are like that either.

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