Is DIY a viable and cost-effective hobby proposition in India - A Smartlife article

This is one post that I have been raring to post for a long time. Just wanted April to pass and wanted to ensure due permissions are in place. This was the first time that Woodooz has been featured in the print media and that has been keeping us on cloud 9 all along.

The background : 

The week - Smartlife was doing an article on DIY in India and wanted the opinion of few hobbyists. I had the wonderful opportunity to voice my thoughts along with other DIYers and the article was published last month in the monthly edition of Smartlife.

Thanks to Nisha Ramchandani for being constantly showing interest in what we have been doing in Woodooz and also for referring the blog and our work to Monty who was writing the article.

Thanks to Monty Majeed of The Week for reaching out and for patiently listening to me on the phone for close to 20 odd minutes. Special thanks for wonderfully paraphrasing the conversation.

Thanks to Nathan G of nathangphotography for braving the distance and coming all the way to our place for a mini photo shoot. It was nice meeting up and to hear his inspiring story of how he gave up a plush IT profession to pursue his passion for photography. 

Without further ado, will leave you with the scanned images of the article. If you are the types that prefer the text version, you can read the entire article here.

Idea of DIY in India
DIY as a hobby
Indranil at work
Indranil of IndianDIY
Woodworking DIY
Sudhakar Prabhu
The blog as been idle for a long time and the last few posts have not been centered around our work. This little motivation has pepped us up quite a bit and we wish to push ourselves to indulge in lots of pending DIY around the home. A lampshade is waiting to be completed, a painting is just half done, and need to start work on a small cabinet to house my tools. And very soon, will populate these projects here. 

Do you agree with the article. What is your opinion on DIY woodworking catching up as a popular hobby ? What do you see as the hurdle in you wanting to jump into this wonderful activity ? Do leave me a comment. 

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  1. This comment has been removed by the author.

  2. Wish I could know any offensive contents that prompted you to remove my comments!!! ( I pity myself to have spent time to read all your blogs)

    1. I feel bad that this incident has made you feel otherwise about having spent time on the blog. However, am seeing this as a misunderstanding and it would be wonderful to have you around penning down your comments.

    2. Dear Sac, Are you referring to the comment above from you that was written at 8.16PM ? It states "This comment has been removed by the author". There are only two people who can delete your comments. One is the commenter himself (in which case it states it is removed by the author of the comment) and the other is me (in which case it states it is removed by the blog administrator).

      You had raised valid points and I had absolutely no reasons whatsoever to delete it. Looks like it was deleted by you by mistake. Here's your comment once again which I took from my email archive :

      "You have written good article. The bottleneck in jumping in DIY in woodworking is availability of of space . The cost of DIY job is sometimes costlier than planned because initial failures. No proper tools is available in the hardware store. The hardware sales man does not know names of tools in English and we having gathered knowledge through internet do not know the right word in the local vernacular. Salesman tends to sell his merchandise. For last one year I am running here and there to buy right finish polish of different varieties but in vain..Finishing is very important for any woodworking. Completing a small project like self does take weeks and by that time your family members that it was better done by local carpenters or outright purchase from. MALL was better option. All those router, Jia saw, circular saw don't work without Jig. And you require handful of clamp to hold the jigs too. But still it is really enjoyable if you are able to finish the job.

      P.S. You can check this link to see the difference if I were to delete comments .

  3. Your article is very helpful thank you very much for sharing .

  4. Dear,author
    I recently moved to a small town with no hobby store and I am not much of a online shopper could you please tell me from where can I buy good quality glitters for my diy project
    PS. I usually use glitters on footwear and the brand i use was Martha Stuart (craft store ) so please refer me some online store who provide high quality glitters

  5. Hi Somu and Others, nice to know you are all dedicated DIYers in India. We have helped some DIYers out in terms of providing for an online shop to purchase their usual nuts and bolts without going through the rough (very rough) local markets. If its of any value to you, you can check us out at Also we would welcome our patrons to let us know of your regularly used products and we could also have them up for ease of making your beautiful pieces of functioning art.


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