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I have this bad practice of deferring things. If something can be done tomorrow, I would rather not put that effort today. So bad this habit of mine is, that it took me 7 months to complete a project that would have otherwise taken 2 days of dedicated work. Don’t know if it was lack of motivation, but I certainly found every bit reason to tell myself, “Hey, enough for today. Let me do this tomorrow”. And that tomorrow eventually arrived yesterday.

I had to commission a floor lamp for my aunt and the only specification was the feature wall backdrop. Finally after months and months of delaying, I managed to complete the lamp shade and deliver it.
DIY Lampshade
DIY Lampshade
For the base of the lamp shade, I stuck to a very basic design that I have earlier done. The 6mm thick plywood beading was just perfect for what I needed to build. The top of the base has an inset on which the lamp shade frame would comfortably sit. 

Base for the frame
Lamp shade base built using plywood edge bands
The lamp shade frame was also built using the beading sticks. You can see the skeletal frame in the inset of the below photo. I personally feel these plywood beadings have more purpose and functionalities than just being used as beadings. If only we can wrack our brains and let creativity take over, there is so much more that can be made with these otherwise simple and seemingly useless materials. We instantly fell in love with a nice fabric that we thought would be in right contrast to the dark backdrop.  

As for the shade design, I broke the monotony by introducing a section in the middle that would split the height of the shade.  This was something we were skeptical about right from the beginning, but feel it was worth it in the end. What is your take ?

Beautiful pink floor lamp
Fabric wrapped around the wooden frame
The increasing challenge that am facing of late in making shades is that am not getting ample supply of the required bulb holders. Either because am in a very remote part of the city or because there is no much demand for it. The last time I went to the electrical store, I brought home all of the supplies that he had. Here’s a top view of the lamp shade. 

My suggestion : Use CFL lamps as they are warmer and give a very pleasant effect.

Bulb Holder
Top view of the lampshade - bulb holder  fixed in the center
And finally, the lit effect. We are absolutely loving the outcome. Notice how light is getting distributed in the middle ! Well, it is easy for us to love our work. Do you like it too ? Let me know. If there is anything that needs change, what would be it ? Let me know your thoughts.

Lamp shade when lit
The lovely effect when the lampshade is lit

Do it yourself lamp shade
DIY Lampshade
I hope to continue with more such projects in the future. For some reason, I soooo love making lamp shades. The color, the vibrancy, and the charm around ambient lights is so remarkable that making one has such a fulfilling effect on me.  

And now your turn : How do you feel about making something from the scratch that someone else is putting to really good use ?

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  1. This looks awesome.. keep up your good work

  2. Great work.... This is going to be my my next project..... Truly inspirational !

    1. Thanks a lot Purnendu. Please do share your next project... Would love to have it up here on Woodooz

  3. Replies
    1. Hey, thanks a lot dude, How have you been ? Long time :)

  4. looks great.... Jaslynn from

  5. This is so nice...nice choice of fabric color...and stroke of brilliance to have thought of that center piece to break the fact, I am planning to build a lampshade and would like to talk to you to understand about the raw materials a little better

  6. how did you fix the bulb holder...details please...

  7. One suggestion for your consideration and one question.

    You could consider having two bulb holders, one facing the top (as you have already) and one facing downwards. That would give a more balanced lighting effect and also cancel out the shadows to a certain extent.

    The question however is what is the wattage of the bulbs that this design can support? As in would say a 100W bulb burn the fabric?

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