Meet Indranil Banerjie - The man behind the blog IndianDIY

While the purpose of a blog may be to showcase ones own work, there is also the intent to encourage others to take up the idea being promoted. More and more blogs on a particular niche is a sure sign that the idea is catching up. Woodworking in India is one concept that is not widely popular. And so it is a tremendous boost when a blog like IndianDIY is doing its bit to ease the concept to hesitant, yet interested Indian hobbyists. Meet Indranil Banerjie, the man behind IndianDIY who is an ardent Woodworking hobbyist from Noida.

I was prompted to write this feature after my interesting meet with him in Bangalore. He said, “I have learnt so much from the Internet. And it is time I give back without expecting anything in return”. His blog is all about giving back to the DIY community. Read on and know more about him. Over to Indranil.
Indranil Banerjie of
An introduction
I took to woodworking four years ago after my 51st birthday! After working hard all my life on a desk, I wanted to do something creative with my hands, something physical that I could hold and feel. Woodworking interested me, but I never had the time or the money to pursue it . At 51, I had the time and a little money to seriously consider it. 
We had settled down in a sleepy suburb 35 km from Delhi and there was nothing much to do. There were hardly a couple of restaurants, one movie hall that showed only Hindi movies and no coffee shops either. I began in a small way wondering if I would ever be good at it or make something worthwhile. Today, I am at an intermediate stage and have not looked backed ever since.
Book Case
Teak Wood Book Shelf
 How did you discover your passion for woodworking ?
Beautiful things always fascinated me. I liked the elegance of fine furniture and in my extensive travels all over the world came to admire wooden objects as much as object 'd art. Like in all crafts, there is something of the creator that gets imprinted forever in the object. Perhaps my pathetic quest for immortality :)
Kitchen Shelf
Kitchen Wall Cabinet
Why is age, sex or location a barrier (or not a barrier) for hobby woodworking in India ?
Like the marriage ads that say age, sex or caste no bar, I feel all good enterprises in life are indissoluble. A beautiful woman is so regardless of age, caste or geography. The call to arts and crafts is similarly exalted.
I want to get into DIY Woodworking. But I don't know where to start. Your advice ?
I found the greatest difficulty was to actually do something instead of just thinking about it. The fear of failure is always high and the only cure is to plunge in. Make something, no matter what others might think and the days will not be far when you will feel fulfilled. That is the road to excellence.
DIY Dovetails
Indranil with his dovetails
Is the required platform / Tools available in India for someone to pursue DIY home repairs and carpentry ?
Yes, everything is available. You have to search and adjust your capabilities and acquisitions according to your pocket. Power tools are not necessary but nice if you have the money. Hand tools on the other hand are relatively cheap and will last a lifetime.
Quality can be a problem at times but good suppliers can be located with a little help.
Your favorite project so far ?
DIY Woodworking Basic
Dovetailed Wooden Chest / Box
And lastly, what have been your 3 big challenges in this journey of yours ?
  • The weather - North India is horrendous for 6 months of the year and I can barely pursue my hobby during that period.
  • Time - there is so little each day.
  • Bringing myself to the cut - I always hesitate and procrastinate. I wish I could be more resolute and actually cut the wood without thinking on and on whether I will make a mistake.
At Totos
Beer and biriyani
There is so much to ask. Yet, will stop here hoping this little interview leaves you with wanting to know more about Indranil's wonderful blog and his woodworking adventures. He is celebrating completion of 100 posts on his blog and has an exciting giveaway for you. Do take a moment to check his contest announcement and participate. I am yet to send in my entries and have already laid my eyes on the two books he is giving away. Meanwhile, do leave me a comment if this feature impels you to take up Woodworking as a hobby.

P.S. All photos are owned by Indranil. Kindly do not use these photos without express consent from the owner.

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  1. As a DIY Woodworker myself, I can really appreciate the time and talent it took for Sir to pick up this craft. Many people don't understand the nuaces and the small detailings it takes to create the smooth finishings of a finished product. I have failed many a times. Had a few hits and misses too. But the work I see here, is highly professional and well crafted.

    1. Hi Rubina, True that. It does take time to perfect and that is reflecting in all of his work. Professional and well crafted are words that you rightly chose to describe the outcome of his projects. Thanks for taking the time to letting us know your thoughts.

      You are into DIY woodworking too ? I would love to interact and know more about what you do.


  2. Why you both are serious !!! come on guys Cheers !!!!!!!

  3. Congratulation to both of you, You both are shining star of Indian DIY. Good going Keep it up.. one thing I noticed that almost every body is new to woodworking ... me... too. I started in 2014. any way let me have one sip ....

    मैं अकेला ही चला था जानिब-ए- मंजिल मगर
    लोग साथ आते गए और कारवां बनता गया .

  4. sorry It was 2012 instead of 2014

  5. My hats Off to you. Such a pretty blog. Keep it up..!!

    God Bless You

  6. hi there , we are making a diy blog community, if you need more visitors for your blog feel free to join us and submit your blog link


  7. Thank you for introducing to another awesome crafter. Off to explore his blog
    Dr Sonia
    Cards Crafts Kids Projects

  8. I am a doctor based in bangalore. I m also a DIYer. Check out my work also

  9. Nice, Inspirational for the new bloggers, You just start with a topic and work it on consistently. Good Luck Indranil Banerjie for your blog!!


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