Materials required and cost involved in making Navaratri Steps [Step 2]

I started this project with a budget of Rs 700-800/-. And with that, I set out to look for light weight wood at the timber store. They are sold for Rs.30/- per kg. Sounds good right? It was not as rosy as it seemed. I visited few places and unfortunately no one saw my requirement as giving them good business. And so, no one offered to help and I was left to pick up what I needed from the huge pile of wooden planks. Bugged after a while, I left the place and came back to my favorite raw material – Plywood. Thought there will be no hassle of wading through at the timber yard.

Before I move on, let me remind you that this is a series post about how you can build your own Navratri steps. Here's the list of post in this series :
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Materials Required and cost :

So, here is what I ended up buying for my Golu Padi :

  • A 4 ft x 7ft plywood (12 inches thick) board – Rs. 37 per square feet
  • I got the strips of Wood (for the Padi and the side step) cut at the Plywood store
  • To save the trouble of explaining, I decided to cut the side step (The stairs) myself
Plywood - DIY woodworking
12 mm plywood planks for the side riser and the steps

  • I bought two 1 inch thick teak wood (4 ft in length) for the vertical support – Rs. 25 per foot (Rs. 200 in total)
  • I had left over wood from earlier projects which I decided to use for the horizontal support
Wooden strips
Left over wood - Support for the steps
  • Additionally, I had to buy nuts and bolts for this project which costed Rs.73/-
For joining the wooden planks
Nuts and bolts
Total Cost = Materials + Joining accessories = Rs. 1309 /-

The only major effort in this case is for you to cut the side step stairs pattern (you can also get it done at the plywood store for a cost). Considering thickness is only 12mm, you can very well saw the pattern using a hand saw. If you have a power saw at home, that would be an advantage. I used my oscillating multi-function power tool. In the next post we will look at the actual assembly of the steps.

Cutting wood at home
And that's me using the oscillating multi-function tool to cut the stair pattern
Related reading (External video link) : Watch Indranil Bannerjee explain how easy it is to use general purpose hand saw and cut wood. Of course, little bit of practice is required to master the skill. I am still trying to get a grip of it.

We have seen the basic design so far and also the materials required for making the padi. I will come back and write about the assembly for get the steps in place. Until then, leave me a comment and let me know what you think of this project. 

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  1. Very nice post. Where I have learn a lot of things which are didn't know before. Keep posting like this and I am eagerly waiting to read like this post.
    Really this one is very informative and helpful post to all.

  2. Good work. Could you me some idea. I m thinking of a convertible golu stand. Like the ones in market, it should be a shelf, better be multipurpose and collapsible and mobile as well. I have some logs left. Not the raw one. But the chiseled ones 6 feet long and 2x2 b and w. Some 15 logs. I dont know what to do with them and most importantly how. I like woodworking. But I have never been into. I could not afford to buy the tools needed. Moreover watching videos on woodworking, I thought if only I could get those tools, but I dont know their names. I always wanted to have power drill and hand saw.
    Just rambling. I m happy to see someone like me. Great.

  3. A customer found us at: and inquired about having one of these built. We were discussing how to keep everything together minimalistic design. This is just about as minimalistic as you can get. Very simple and very basic.


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