Buying plywood and cutting it - Reader query (Part 1)

While I normally direct any generic questions on how one can start basic woodworking to my 17 point recipe, I also get very specific questions which I respond to. Considering some of these questions are to the point and can be of use to others looking for similar answers, I thought it is best to document these questions-answers in the blog as part of reader queries series. As first post on this series, here’s my e-mail interaction (Part 1) sometime last week with Sai.

Taking cues from your website, I had planned to make a small table for my pooja room (This is my first task, and I have big plans once am successful with it). Since I had never done any drawing am not able to put my things on paper.

My design is simple - Size of table top - 1 1/2 x 2 feet, and height of the table 1 feet. (In future, am planning to have some draws placed to this table, so is the height acceptable or do I need to increase it a bit more?).

Now, guide me in moving forward in doing this job.

- Sai.
Plywood : when I checked at the shop next to my place, he has asked me to take the whole sheet of 18 mm thickness of 6x4 size.  Do, I need to pick the whole sheet?  I clearly know that it's waste for now, but can be used for my next task.
My response : I normally buy plywood as per my requirement. Luckily I found someone who was more than willing to part with the smaller planks of wood that he had. The only challenge I have with buying the entire sheet is storage and transportation. And not knowing what my next project is can mean I may not be able to find use for the additional plank immediately.  Normally, vendors push the entire sheet as it makes more business sense for them. However, if you can find someone who can give you sheets based on need, nothing like it.
Note : Besides my car boot, I also store all my unused plywood in my service area, balcony and even the underside of the cot. While I think I will have ample use for these pieces of wood, I have not been able to put them to functional use because of lack of requirements - A major reason why I prefer buying based on need.

storing plywood
Unused plywood stacked in the boot of my car
Cutting : Can I myself cut the sheet with saw that we get in the market or do I need to get it done outside?
My response : You can. However, that just means you need to have a circular saw or a jig saw. If it is 12mm plywood sheets, you can cut it using the hand saw, but that by itself is an effort. Ask if your plywood supplier can do it himself for an additional sum. I get it done through the plywood vendor. Owning the tool is a challenge for me because of space constraints. I live in the 4th floor of an apartment, and so it poses noise issues for those below.
Note : Since not having a tool should never be an impediment to begin a hobby, I always recommend that some of the tasks are outsourced. The key is to get going with the project, learn and acquire skills as you move on with it. 

I added the notes as an after thought and it was not part of mail response. Sai had more queries related to tools, fixing the table legs and finishing the table top which I shall update in the Part 2 of this post. Meanwhile, if you have queries that you want clarified, shoot me a mail ( While I shall happily help you with what I know, I will also respectfully tell you if there is something I cannot help you with because of lack of information. 

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