Recycle project - From unwanted glass doors to functional shelves

Not much is really happening with DIY or woodworking. Too many things have happened, life has taken a 180 degree turn and all in the positive direction. As cliched as it may sound, sometimes we wish a day had more than 24 hours. The project that I last started is in its almost complete state for more than 3 months now. It is only the last mile that I need to complete and yet, it remains unfinished. My hands itch at times hoping that I get to do something, however small it might be.

Anyway. Remember the glass door that we installed for our TV unit. There was a major draw back to it that I never foresaw. Because it was not a see through glass (partial see through), I had to keep the door open every time I had to use the remote. While we put up with this for a long time, we decided to do away with the translucent glass door and replace it with clear glass.

Recycling tip
Recycling project 
One glitch though.  What do we do with the already existing partial see through glasses. It would really break my heart to just throw them away after having spent some bucks on them. And just when this thought was running through my mind, a situation presented itself that gave me just the right opportunity to reuse these glass doors. And voila ! Without having to spend a single penny (except of course for the hinges which cost about 40 a pair) we had the glass doors converted into bathroom accessory stands / shelves.

Bathroom stand
Recycled glass - Serving as a bathroom accessory stand
The smaller glasses were just perfect and didn’t require any cut. The bigger ones were cut into 4 quarter circles and used as corner stands. All I did was I gave the directions to my plywood vendor and he had them all cut for me. He also smoothened the edges. I needed 12 hinges to have them installed on the wall and had the electrician install the once-a-door-now-a-shelf for me (While I normally do my installations, I have never tried drilling into a bathroom tile. I am also scared that I might puncture the concealed pipes. So just this, I leave it to the professionals).

Please ignore the not so perfect quarter circles
Corner shelf for bathroom
Corner shelves recycled from glass door
End of the day, it made two happy owners and possibly two happy tenants too.

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