Of failed projects - SOS ! I need your help

  • A laid back evening. There is a bottle of whisky. It’s just the right evening. I sat on the balcony and had it on the rocks. Bliss.
  • An occasion. Dinner with red wine at home. Could I ask for anything more. Indulged.
  • A friend was staying over. Hot summer in Chennai. What better way to entertain and host my guest than with a chilled bottle of beer. It was perfect.
The truth is, am being only 33.33% honest because the other 66.66% is purely my imagination. But that is besides the point. Now, what do I do with all these empty bottles. Earlier we did a madubani decoupage on a wine bottle which still is on our bedroom side table. This time, I wanted to be a little bold and venture into something I have not tried. And so started the bottle cutting experiment.

Collection of bottles
Collection of bottles
I was not sure what I wanted to make. Maybe a candle holder. Maybe a lampshade. I wanted to worry about what I wanted to make after I master the art of cutting bottles. After watching loads and loads of Youtube videos, I narrowed down three ways to cut bottles at home (You can just do a Google / Youtube search to find the many ways of cutting bottles at home).

DIY Wine bottle holders
Candle holders made with beer bottle
  1. Tie a nail polish soaked thread around the bottle, light it and dunk it in cold water. Didn’t work at all.
  2. Score a line around the point where the bottle needs to be cut. Heat with a candle at the scored line. Chill it with a piece of ice cube. Repeat the procedure until bottle cracks at the scoring point. Worked. But, in an absolutely haphazard way. 
  3. Pour boiling water along the score. Chill with a piece of ice cube. Repeat until bottle cracks. Worked. But then, definitely not uniform and along the line.
The below picture is self explanatory. All of them have gone into the bin after this photo was taken. Two of them in fact broke.
Cut bottles
Badly cut bottles. Guess I need some expert advise here.
Am almost at a point of giving up. I have tried cutting about 8 bottles so far. All miserable attempts. And I stopped midway cutting my last bottle because it was taking too much time. Now am wondering if there is someone who is reading this who can help me out. Have you cut bottles before ? Do you have any tips for me ? I promise I will do something amazing with the cut bottles. But for that, you have to teach me how I can cut them. Anyone ? This is my SOS call before I drown in the sea of giving up my bottle experiment.


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  1. This looks comprehensive to me: https://youtu.be/sFXngPx3w3M
    If you haven't seen it before and it works for you, I get to tell you what I want with glass bottles! :D

    1. Vidya, thanks... I remember watching this video... Instead of cold running water, I used an ice cube... No concept of cold running water here in Chennai. Atleast in my home.

      And even otherwise, you can tell me what you want with glass bottles. Am just trying to crack (not the bottles) this one... When I do I will definitely let you know :)

  2. cutting glass bottles was one of the item in To-do list, but seeing your failed attempts, I am postponing it. Do share us the successful way, when you find one.

    1. Hi Vasudha, It has been in my list for a while. I think you should try it out and not postpone it. Even if there is a successful way of doing it, it is going to take loads of practice to master it. I am certainly going to document the successful way when I find it.. And you would surely find it in the blog. Until then good luck should you decide to call off your postponement :)

  3. Hey. Did you try cutting with a dremel? I saw a video, add a masking tape on the bottle where you want to cut, and then make a smooth and uniform marking to cut on, and use the dremel's cut-off attachment on it.

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