Beautiful hand painted DIY Wall Clock - By Varsha

I have always worked independently on all my projects. Of course, Preethi lends a helping hand, and that’s that. For once, I had a request from my very friendly neighbor(s) if I could help her with a wall clock. Surprisingly, it was the power of Google and my Wall Clock DIY tutorial that led them to me despite meeting and chatting up on a regular basis for the last 6 odd years. And I happily took up the opportunity.

A little background about Varsha. She is a fine arts student and needed to do this as part of one of her final year projects. To make a painting was the need, and the choice of the base was left to the students. She chose to showcase her painting on a clock. 

Do it yourself wall clocl
Beautiful hand painted DIY Wall Clock - By Varsha Sowmyanarayan
My role was to help her make the clock and so we started the project one Sunday evening. I chose to make it with wooden sticks for the frame and OST for the base much like all my other clock projects. It took us less than about couple of hours to get the clock base done. Most of these two hours were spent in waiting for the glue to dry. Once done, it was all left to Varsha to splash it with her creativity. The clock went with her to her home and so Preethi and I were left to wonder what the outcome was going to be like. We had no clue whatsoever, and so that added to the excitement. We didn’t have to wait for more than a day to see what she had done with the clock.

Wooden sticks and OST
Clock base using OST and wooden sticks

Rear of clock
Wall Clock rear side

These pictures were shared with me later. We only got to see the final product and trust me, we were so excited. My clocks mostly had printed images or wooden stain, and so you can understand the delight to see a wonderful painting.  Part of the excitement was about the options that acrylics on a wooden surface opened up for us. Guess, it was time we also gave up on wood paints and stains for a while.

Textured acrylic primer 

Outlining and base coat
Base coat and outlining

More detailing
More detailing using permanent marker

That she had the clock mechanism with her saved us much time. The clock hands were so beautiful and went so well with the theme of the painting. The usual black / gold ones that I used for my clocks looked more like a drab now.

Wall clock
DIY Wall Clock
It turned out to be a really beautiful clock. If you guys ever get a chance to cross the Stella Marys premises in Cathedral Road, look for the wall paintings outside the college premises. Varsha and her friends did that. This clock painting is only a tip of the ice berg. You will have to see her sketches, and caricatures, and water colors to truly understand the bundle of talent that she is. If you are a keen follower of art, you are sure to discover that later and from a different source.

Traditional Wall clock DIY
Finished Wall clock - Now fully functional

For now, am working on a lampshade and it is for another neighbor of mine. This is more like a workshop and we do hourly sessions based on mutual time conveniences. It is still work in progress and I will come back to talk about that too soon.

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  1. That's Great . Masterpiece. Creative idea. Is it clock available in or other e-commerce sites?

    1. Hi Priyanka, This was made for personal use and is not available for sale. Thanks for showing your appreciation :) Always look forward to such kind words.

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  3. @Somu

    Hi Somu.

    That's a lovely clock. I like your idea. I will try at home to make a clock like you. That's perfect work of art.


    1. Hi Anjali, Thanks for your comment. The idea is not mine and it belongs to my neighbor Varsha as mentioned in the post. In fact, I loved this idea too and plan to make one for my own home. Sorta bored of browns and buttons that I have been using. Meanwhile, if you try this at home, do come back to let me know how it turned out. Would love to take a look :)

  4. Hello there Anjali, Thanks for your remark. The thought is not mine and it has a place with my neighbor Varsha as specified in the post. Indeed, I cherished this thought as well and plan to make one for my own particular home. Sorta exhausted of tans and catches that I have been utilizing. In the interim, in the event that you attempt this at home, do return to let me know how it turned out. Would love to investigate :)

  5. Super talent. Why cant you have a mobile app to make this of products more popular.

  6. It is very beautiful. I want to buy it.



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