Simple DIY idea for Diwali - A serving tray tutorial

Last week, we had two major events in Woodooz:
  1. We announced the starting of the DIY Woodworking group on Facebook. Interestingly, we received good response and we are getting to consolidate the group with woodworking enthusiasts and aspirants. Already, there are useful threads around how to prepare chalk putty, and what should be the essential tools in a beginner's list. I strongly urge you to join as I foresee interesting DIY shares from folks around the world.
  2. We had our first DIY woodworking tip published in the honorable Hindu Melange Metroplus Edition (17th Oct, 2015). I chose a small, beginner level project that can be made around Navratri / Diwali when we have guests coming home. A DIY tray can carry a good show-off value as you can show it around casually and subtley without trumpeting about your new found hobby. This week, I wanted to elaborate on the project - The basic serving tray you can make.
Basic level carpentry
Easy Diwali DIY - Basic woodworking project
The step by step procedure is already in the published content (Check image below), and so I want to focus on the photos (Published and unpublished) that by themselves explain the procedure. Do take a look and let me know if this is something that you would love to make sometime.
Click here to enlarge image
Hindu Melange Metroplus - 17th Oct, 2015
Used simple materials like plywood reapers, OST / Plywood sheet for this project. Made it easier as no power tools are required. Just a hacksaw blade did all the trick for me.

Materials - tools required
Plywood reapers, OST / Plywood, hacksaw blade, wood adhessive
The size of the tray is based on your requirement. Mine is a square tray and it is 12 inches on all sides. You can make a smaller, bigger or even a rectangle tray - Just customize the size to you needs.

Tray frame
Cut using hacksaw blade
6mm plywood or a 4mm OST sheet (One Side Teak) - Both would serve the purpose. Just walk into a plywood store and ask them if they will be able to spare a sheet that was cut from a bigger sheet. Such sheets normally never sell and the vendors would be happy to give it to you for a small cost.

Tray base cut to fit the frame
Glue on both surface

Apart from the glue, you can use small headless nails to secure the base to the frame. For making sure the glue bond is strong, use masking tape, clamps or just overturn the tray and place something heavy to hold the base and the frame. I use a vessel filled with water if I cannot find my tape.

Masking tape on tray
Masking tape or heavy weight. Both can help to hold the surfaces together
After the base and the frame have bonded well, I used hammered in headless nails (Optional). This is your basic tray. You can even use it without a handle. However, you need to apply the required finish for the tray to be functional. Remember, you are going to serve coffee and tea and you need means to handle the spill.

Serving tray tutorial
The tray - Before

Until now, whatever you see is my handiwork. I promptly handed over the tray to Preethi and left it to her to finish it up. I was awed by the outcome and I realized it is good to have an art expert at home. After all, art is not my forte.

Serving tray tutorial

The tray - After
I will detail the finishing process as a separate post as this one is already getting photo heavy. It will also help break down the process without having to stuff you with too much information in one go. 

As a parting note, I want to tell you this. Working with wood opens up options for you to make small functional items for your home. If you are hesitant, working on this DIY is an ideal first step to gain confidence. You can make your DIY a talking point among guests and items like your own tray can become conversation starters Now that Navaratri is over, try this out for Diwali. Go DIY and leave us your feedback as a comment.

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  1. @Admin
    After the base and the casing have reinforced well, I utilized pounded as a part of headless nails (Optional). This is your fundamental plate. You can even utilize it without a handle. On the other hand, you have to apply the required completion for the plate to be useful. Recollect that, you are going to serve espresso and tea and you need intends to handle the spill.


  2. Hi,

    This is looking unique and traditional way to celebrate dewali


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  4. Awesome Idea, I will sure try this one, Thanks for sharing

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