Woodooz, a new beginning...

Sometimes a little change is a good thing. During the floods last year I took a life changing decision that has now led me to where I am now. There is anxiety in my mind along with a truck load of unanswered questions. The coming months, am sure, will unravel all those mysteries that I am seeking to solve.

We are attempting something new here in Woodooz. Something we have always wanted to, but never took that needed first step. Today, we are slowing inching forward in that direction and I shall talk and reveal more, in the coming days, about our future plans for Woodooz. We are excited and hope we do well in what we are trying to accomplish. And all that needs your support. 

As someone said, with change comes a new logo. And I want to use the opportunity to unveil the brand new Woodooz logo. The (near) future plan is somewhere hidden in the logo. For now I can tell you the brown signifies wood, and that orange represents vibrancy and a glowing brightness. Maybe it is even symbolic of a dawn that marks the beginning of a new day.

As we embark on this new journey, we want you to know that this can never take off without your continued support. So, wish us good luck as I start working on my next post that talks a little bit more about what we have in store at Woodooz.

P.S. This should explain the long gap with no posts and videos. I will be coming back to them very soon.

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  1. Good luck Somu, may your strengths and talents multiply as you spread knowledge and inspire many more "9 to 5 trapped souls" to chase their dreams and passion.

    Good luck as always :)


    1. Thanks a lot for your wishes Mahesh... Really appreciate your bring there always for the folks in the group.

  2. Good luck Somu! So excited about this new venture of yours. Just remember, dreams do come true :) !

  3. Excellent Work, This is a good and Informative post. In this post I truly got quality information.


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