Announcement : Woodooz online store launch on 25th July, 2016

When the whole world is awaiting the release of  KABALI on the 22nd of July, we are preparing ourselves for a different kind of release, 3 days after that. Something we have been wanting to do for a while. Something that we are excited, yet, nervous about. We are taking our first baby step towards travelling a path that we have never walked before. The fervor to take Woodooz to the next logical step led us to the desire to have our own little online shop. And here we are ! 

Announcing the launch of Woodooz store on the 25th of July, 2016.

A little store that will sell a product that has been very close to our hearts since we ever DIYed it. As I write this post, I am pretty shaky as I still have loads of pending work before the launch. But announcing it seemed like the only way I can give myself that needed hard push. So, to save myself from the shakiness, I shall talk about the product later in the next two days. You can certainly take a shot at guessing that handmade product though.

We need your support

Woodooz's forte is always DIY. The store is just an offshoot of that. You will see posts around the store for sometime until the launch, as this is the only medium that we bank on to take the news to others. I guarantee you that you have nothing to fear from all the marketing posts that you need to hit the unsubscribe button right away. You have supported us so far. And we sincerely hope you would extend us the same support going forward.  While the E-store has taken our time and energy for the last few months, I assure you that we intend to get back to our forte once this release melee is over.

Now with this out of my mind, I need to get back to my checklist. 

Website design - Check
Payment Gateway - Check
Domain registration - Check
Product design - Check
Product execution - 80% check
Shop site content - Uncheck
Product photography - :Uncheck
Packing and shipping - Uncheck
And any not factored surprises - Uncheck 

So, now you know where the nervousness is stemming from. Loads of work and only 10 days more. As I get back to work, I once again reiterate, this can never happen and be sustained without your continued support. For now, we need your blessings and wishes.

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  1. Preethi,Somu
    Here's wishing both of you and your venture all success. There are so many wood work DIYs but Woodooz stood out... Your creations and presentation. Am sure you will maintain the Woodooz touch here also.
    Once again, blessings and good wishes....
    Lots of love

  2. When passion becomes profession, it doesn’t feel like work anymore. Good going Somu. I wish you all the best for your new venture. I would like to shop with woodooz. - Kishore

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