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Finally, after 6 months of working on this, we managed to unveil the shop on our Facebook page yesterday. is an online shopping portal that sells one of a kind Lampshades in India that are hand made by skilled artisans. These lampshades are unique and made of wooden beadings including the frames. The 12mm thick frames provide a beautiful borderline to the lampshade when lit.

Lamps online
E-store for buying Lampshades online
The fabrics used are carefully hand-picked by us to offer a medley of colors and designs that would suit the distinct taste of our potential customers. While the launch was done with limited stock, we are working continuously in the backend to replenish the stock so that likely buyers who visit the shop do not have to go back disappointed.

This is currently a home run business and we work from the confines of our abode. The ghastly sight of our unkempt guest room would tell you what has been going on here for the last few months. That said, we hope to expand and move out at some point to address scalability and quicker turnaround times.

Here are some things that you should know about Shop Woodooz :

Lights - buy online
Handmade lampshades - Buy Online
  • We currently are shipping to all major cities in India. Please read the terms and conditions for more information on this.
  • Almost all modes of payment are supported on the Shop.
  • We have launched the Shop with two lampshade variants - KURIL (Table Lamps) and NEDIL (Tall lamps)
  • The price of KURILs range from Rs.1400 - 2100 and that of NEDILS from Rs.3400-4100
  • You can subscribe to E-mail updates to stay updated of the articles and products we post
  • We are also on all the Social Media Channels (Just look for Woodooz)
  • We are working on more variants and designs to be able to provide multiple options to the users.
So, if you are looking to add a pop of boldness to your living space or if you want to gift someone on a special occasion, turn to Woodooz before you consider anything else. Drop in a Hi and hey, we can even work on making something based on your own inputs to suit your personal tastes.

Do take a moment to visit Shop Woodooz and drop us your feedback at Nothing pleases us more than someone caring enough to tell us what we lack or where we are doing good. Thanks.

Meet NEDIL, our next range of lampshades that we are introducing in the soon to be launched Woodooz shop. These towering lampshades are vibrant and intense much like their shorter counterparts KURIL. If you love pop of bold colors, then you would most certainly enjoy the visual splendor these shades have to offer.

Whether it is a quiet dinner date with your loved one, a game of checkers with the kids or the movie of the month with the entire family, the NEDILs perfectly set the tone and mood to enliven the ambiance and illuminate those magical moments. 

You can have the NEDILs complement your monochromatic interior schemes or blend in with your eclectic, intense color induced space. Its towering height and vivid hues make it a statement piece and a conversation starter.

Lampshade online
Hand made floor lamps - India


Height : 3 Ft 7 Inches
Width : 7 inches on all sides

The base is designed to allow light to fall on the floor that casts a beautiful effect on the space beneath.

Lampshades in India
The base of the floor lamp

We need your support

And so, while we are giving the shop a kickstart with our two ranges (KURIL and NEDIL), we are not stopping with that. More variants, as we are writing this, are being worked upon that we soon intend to release. In the meanwhile, we are excited and hope to present to you a very user friendly and visually appealing shopping interface that you will want to share with your friends and family. Meet you again on the 25th of July when we unveil the shop URL. Remember to wish us luck. And shower us with your blessings.

Handmade Woodooz Tablelamps

Meet Kuril (குறில்), an exquisite creation, from the soon to be launched Woodooz Store. KURIL in the Tamil language refers to the short vowels. The short duration of the utterance of these vowels give them this name. Given that we were particularly looking to name our current and all future line of products in Tamil, this one seemed an apt name for our dainty looking Table Lamps.

We wanted to stay away from any design complications, at least to start with, and stick to what our strengths are. And so, the KURIL lampshades, are straight shaped, with clean edges. The main frame is made of 12mm sticks that add an elegant border to the shade when lit. 

Materials used

The base and the crown of the lampshade are made of an 18mm wooden beading that has been enamel coated with a matte finish that is smooth to the touch. The entire product is handmade and homespun. The frame of the shade is also made from strips of the same wood material.

The fabric for our KURIL range is  carefully selected to cater to the varied tastes of our potential customers. They come in different colors, patterns and styles. Ranging from contemporary block prints, to ethnic Kalamkaris and Ikats, you will have a suite of design schemes to choose from

So here you go - One of the KURILs - A simple, chic and petite concoction from our Studio.
buy lampshades
Buy Lampshades online

Indian lampshades
Handmade table lamps


Height : Base to crown : 19 inches
Width : Close to 5 inches(all 4 sides of the frame)

The base and crown are available in either walnut or brown color. The frames, of course, come in varied colors and designs depending on the shade you choose.

KURIL works well with regular halogen lamps (40/60 Watts) or CFL. The latter is our personal recommendation (40/60 watts equivalent) because of the warmth in the light radiance. Use of warm white or cool white lights is normally a personal choice. 

Click to Shop for KURILs
It is perfect for bedrooms, living rooms and dining rooms.You can use it to add a wonderful visual appeal to your already enticing interiors. The shade, we can assure you will not disappoint you both when lit or otherwise. Exudes enough light to provide you a good reading corner, and at the same time remains delicately lit to not disturb the spirit of the exquisite ambiance you desire. Admire it from close proximity and it would still be easy on your eyes - No glares or flares.

Be there to meet the KURILs at our E-store on the 25th of July.

When the whole world is awaiting the release of  KABALI on the 22nd of July, we are preparing ourselves for a different kind of release, 3 days after that. Something we have been wanting to do for a while. Something that we are excited, yet, nervous about. We are taking our first baby step towards travelling a path that we have never walked before. The fervor to take Woodooz to the next logical step led us to the desire to have our own little online shop. And here we are ! 

Announcing the launch of Woodooz store on the 25th of July, 2016.

A little store that will sell a product that has been very close to our hearts since we ever DIYed it. As I write this post, I am pretty shaky as I still have loads of pending work before the launch. But announcing it seemed like the only way I can give myself that needed hard push. So, to save myself from the shakiness, I shall talk about the product later in the next two days. You can certainly take a shot at guessing that handmade product though.

We need your support

Woodooz's forte is always DIY. The store is just an offshoot of that. You will see posts around the store for sometime until the launch, as this is the only medium that we bank on to take the news to others. I guarantee you that you have nothing to fear from all the marketing posts that you need to hit the unsubscribe button right away. You have supported us so far. And we sincerely hope you would extend us the same support going forward.  While the E-store has taken our time and energy for the last few months, I assure you that we intend to get back to our forte once this release melee is over.

Now with this out of my mind, I need to get back to my checklist. 

Website design - Check
Payment Gateway - Check
Domain registration - Check
Product design - Check
Product execution - 80% check
Shop site content - Uncheck
Product photography - :Uncheck
Packing and shipping - Uncheck
And any not factored surprises - Uncheck 

So, now you know where the nervousness is stemming from. Loads of work and only 10 days more. As I get back to work, I once again reiterate, this can never happen and be sustained without your continued support. For now, we need your blessings and wishes.

Sometimes a little change is a good thing. During the floods last year I took a life changing decision that has now led me to where I am now. There is anxiety in my mind along with a truck load of unanswered questions. The coming months, am sure, will unravel all those mysteries that I am seeking to solve.

We are attempting something new here in Woodooz. Something we have always wanted to, but never took that needed first step. Today, we are slowing inching forward in that direction and I shall talk and reveal more, in the coming days, about our future plans for Woodooz. We are excited and hope we do well in what we are trying to accomplish. And all that needs your support. 

As someone said, with change comes a new logo. And I want to use the opportunity to unveil the brand new Woodooz logo. The (near) future plan is somewhere hidden in the logo. For now I can tell you the brown signifies wood, and that orange represents vibrancy and a glowing brightness. Maybe it is even symbolic of a dawn that marks the beginning of a new day.

As we embark on this new journey, we want you to know that this can never take off without your continued support. So, wish us good luck as I start working on my next post that talks a little bit more about what we have in store at Woodooz.

P.S. This should explain the long gap with no posts and videos. I will be coming back to them very soon.

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