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 Five Ways to have an Interior Make Over

A makeover needn’t mean pulling down the roof or buying a room full of new furniture. Sometimes tiny changes or additions will make a room feel new and fresh. Here you can explore some easy ways to do up with your home. These will fit within a small budget and are perfect to welcome your guests this festive season
      A Place for everything and everything in Place- Organize your space

In our home we often find things that do not belong in a space- either because it belongs elsewhere in our home or it doesn’t belong in our home any longer. Old newspapers, clothes, wire, toys and so on. We have the tendency to hold on to things either because we think we may need them in the future or if we hold an emotional attachment to it.  If you find stuff lying around idle for over 6 months, you probably won’t find a use for it ever. Dispose them, donate them, swap them with friends. Things that are close to your heart could be neatly organized and packed in cartons to be put in the attic or loft. Either ways, clutter is the culprit. According to Feng Shui, clutter disrupts a smooth flow of energy in your space. So clear them, organize them, find a space for everything in the house.

2    Choose the color theme

Half of your tidying up is done once everything finds a place in your home. Second comes the choice of color that plays a vital role in setting the mood. Color needn’t mean repainting the wall or changing your furniture. Add accents to your room in the form of upholstery- cushions, throw away pillows, curtains, sofa covers could all be used to get the desired look and feel. These will also not leave a hole in your pocket and would fit within a small budget

      Decide on the lighting

The other day we were speaking to one of our friends who runs a retail chain. He mentioned that he is wanting to change the interiors of all stores in the town and the first thing he was looking at changing was lighting. Lighting plays a pivotal role in any interior make over. Lamps and lamp shades are always a mood setter for those lovely dinners with friends and relatives. They also could make for a statement piece or a conversation starter. Choose the lighting as per your space and need. You could also match them with the color theme and style you choose

      Mix and match your bedding with curtains

Be bold and mix and match bedding and curtain- colors, prints, style. Whatever style your room may be- be it contemporary, eclectic or ethnic, be open to putting different pieces together to get that desired look. Especially in India, we have such beautiful collection of handloom material- each with its own unique style and finesse. While floral prints go very well in a contemporary space, shiboris, ikats, kanchis and kalamkaris work beautifully well in a typical Indian ethnic home. Watch them transform your home into a dreamy one.

5.       Wall hangings, antiques and stuff

      Add wall hangings, antiques and other shoe pieces that add further life to the space and bind everything together. Make sure they are matched with the theme and style of your space. You could also choose them depending on the room. You could hang a piece of art in foyers or focus wall. Bring in some indoor plants to add life to your interiors. 

This was an article that was published in Hindu Metroplus Melange on the 28th of November 2015. Somehow, never found the time to post it here because of the floods that subsequently took up about a fortnight before we could start settling back into our normal lives. So, here's the post that I am reproducing from the article without modification. Hope you like it.

Indulging in DIY gives you the freedom to think out of the box, plan and execute an outcome out of run of the mill materials that are meant to have completely different purposes. This lampshade is one such item that is built using garden meshes that are quite the common sight along the sides of roads. Not only is the cost of materials required inexpensive, but the end result is something that will give a refreshing look to the otherwise drab mesh. Here's how you too can make this lampshade.

Lamp Shade DIY

Materials required

  • Garden Mesh from the hardware store (Rs.12  Sq ft)
  • A red cotton fabric (About half meter)
  • A tracing sheet from the craft store (Get the A2 or A1 sizes)
  • Some glue, a needle and a thread
  • A pair of scissors
Garden Mesh
Garden Mesh

Step 1 

Cut the garden mesh to your required size (I used 18 x 15 inches) using a pair of scissors or pliers. The mesh would be used as the frame for your lampshade. 

Step 2

Paint the mesh white using acrylic color. You may want to apply a primer base for better absorption of the paint. While painting is only optional, it enables you to hide the ordinary green look of the mesh with a more classy and elegant finish.

Mesh cut and painted
Cut the mesh and paint it

 Step 3

Apply glue across the corners of the mesh and stick the red fabric on to it. Feel free to use any fabric color of your choice. Shades of red and orange will look brilliant in warm yellow light while the blues and greens will go well with white light.

Stick fabric using glue

Step 4

Once dried, stick the tracing sheet on top of the fabric using glue. If you find that time consuming, you can just staple the sheet on top of the fabric. This sheet is required to mask the glow of the bulb. Cut the fabric and the tracing sheet along the edge of the mesh to align with the design of the mesh.

Stick tracing sheet on the inside

 Step 5

Roll the mesh along with the fabric and tracing sheet, stitch both the corner sides together to form a cylinder. That’s about it. Your own DIY garden mesh honey comb lampshade is ready.

Shade frame
Make ends meet and stitch them up
 The rest of it is just cake walk. Hang the lampshade where you want to display it. Hang a bulb through the top of the shade and let it do the magic.

Newyear lampshade
Make your own Christmas / New year lampshade
 The garden mesh is also used to cover the balcony rails and staircase railings as a means to child proof the home. However, if you think beyond these established uses, you can see and make a pen stand, or a tea light holder, or even a nice little stand for hanging your collection of ear rings.  And my suggestion for today - Go DIY this lampshade

Disclaimer : This post is reproduced from my article published in Hindu Metroplus Melange on the 28th of Nov, 2015

I have this bad practice of deferring things. If something can be done tomorrow, I would rather not put that effort today. So bad this habit of mine is, that it took me 7 months to complete a project that would have otherwise taken 2 days of dedicated work. Don’t know if it was lack of motivation, but I certainly found every bit reason to tell myself, “Hey, enough for today. Let me do this tomorrow”. And that tomorrow eventually arrived yesterday.

I had to commission a floor lamp for my aunt and the only specification was the feature wall backdrop. Finally after months and months of delaying, I managed to complete the lamp shade and deliver it.
DIY Lampshade
DIY Lampshade
For the base of the lamp shade, I stuck to a very basic design that I have earlier done. The 6mm thick plywood beading was just perfect for what I needed to build. The top of the base has an inset on which the lamp shade frame would comfortably sit. 

Base for the frame
Lamp shade base built using plywood edge bands
The lamp shade frame was also built using the beading sticks. You can see the skeletal frame in the inset of the below photo. I personally feel these plywood beadings have more purpose and functionalities than just being used as beadings. If only we can wrack our brains and let creativity take over, there is so much more that can be made with these otherwise simple and seemingly useless materials. We instantly fell in love with a nice fabric that we thought would be in right contrast to the dark backdrop.  

As for the shade design, I broke the monotony by introducing a section in the middle that would split the height of the shade.  This was something we were skeptical about right from the beginning, but feel it was worth it in the end. What is your take ?

Beautiful pink floor lamp
Fabric wrapped around the wooden frame
The increasing challenge that am facing of late in making shades is that am not getting ample supply of the required bulb holders. Either because am in a very remote part of the city or because there is no much demand for it. The last time I went to the electrical store, I brought home all of the supplies that he had. Here’s a top view of the lamp shade. 

My suggestion : Use CFL lamps as they are warmer and give a very pleasant effect.

Bulb Holder
Top view of the lampshade - bulb holder  fixed in the center
And finally, the lit effect. We are absolutely loving the outcome. Notice how light is getting distributed in the middle ! Well, it is easy for us to love our work. Do you like it too ? Let me know. If there is anything that needs change, what would be it ? Let me know your thoughts.

Lamp shade when lit
The lovely effect when the lampshade is lit

Do it yourself lamp shade
DIY Lampshade
I hope to continue with more such projects in the future. For some reason, I soooo love making lamp shades. The color, the vibrancy, and the charm around ambient lights is so remarkable that making one has such a fulfilling effect on me.  

And now your turn : How do you feel about making something from the scratch that someone else is putting to really good use ?

DIY Woodworking is a trend that is catching up in India. I have written about my views on Woodworking in India and the myths around it  in Woodooz before. Earlier last month, I had the wonderful opportunity to speak to Monty Majeed of The Week – Smart Life on my opinion on DIY. To my surprise, the article was published this month which also featured fellow DIYers Indranil and Sudhakar. Considering the article is in the current month’s edition, I will wait until May (and also seek permission) before I can share the entire article in Woodooz. However, wanted to put the news here and share this proud moment with all of you.

Meanwhile, we had been reworking on an earlier Lampshade that we had built for the home and were very happy with how it turned out. 
Our new lampshade on the floor
The original lampshade was the one that we built at the very beginning when we started Woodooz. It was our second project and that makes it a very very personal one. Three years have gone and as you can see from the below picture, it needed to be changed.
The old one and the new one
As they say, practice leads to perfection. At least in this case, I am seeing a drastic improvement from how it looked and felt earlier, and how it is now. The frame we built now is stronger and the materials we used are of higher quality leading to a sturdier finish. Right from how it feels to the touch to how it looks to the eyes, the improvised version is 100 times better than the old one. Or should I just say, it looks absolutely professional. Happy for both the news and the improvement that we are seeing with every new project of ours.
Lamp Shade DIY
And don't let the photo fool you. The bleach that you see where the light is placed is a result of my poor photography skill. The shade looks absolutely warm and pleasing to the eyes with the light on. Now, this is  is going to adorn our living room for another few years. With all the improvements that have come into this project, I am all excited about the next few projects which incidentally are also lampshades. Hopefully, should be able to complete them quick. Meanwhile, do leave us your comments which probably is the only motivation that keeps us going.

When the Chennai Crafters group decided to meet up, all of us wanted it to be one fruitful gathering besides  meeting up and discussing various crafts. And so when the admin suggested that we do a demonstration of one of the Woodooz products, we were quick to grab the opportunity. The lampshade was our natural choice for four reasons :
  1. It did not require complicated woodworking skills, expensive materials or any major tools
  2. It is relatively easier to demonstrate than the other products that we have here
  3. It is something everyone can go back home and try
  4. Light and color, we thought, would be appealing and interesting to everyone
Easy Lampshade DIY
DIY Lampshade
We decided to make a small (31 cm in height and 11 cm width), simple and yet a very colorful shade - something similar to the bedside lampshade that we made earlier. Red and orange with a green patterned border is what we finalized on. We also wanted to keep the base very simple, and used 19mm plywood edge banding sticks to build it.

We somehow did not bother to capture the step by step details of this shade because we were racing against time to be fully prepared for the demonstration. To save time, we had pre-built the frame and the base much before the actual demo.

Home-made lampshade
Handmade lampshade
Somu during the demo
We had just enough time to show how the fabric was wrapped around the frame.  What you see above (without the the light and after it is lit) is what we eventually came up with. Sooner or later, we certainly shall share the details on how the whole thing was built. For now, just going to leave you with the end product. Blame it on our photography skills, the photo below is not doing justice to how the shade really looks when lit. Nonetheless, do let us know how you like it.

We are happy that the shade was picked up by someone instantly after they saw what they saw. Certainly a boost to the efforts that we put into building this one. Leave us a comment. It is the much needed motivation for us in this online world.

A plain white lampshade is like an empty canvas. You make what you want to make out of it. I received this really nice table lamp as a wedding gift and have long been wanting to give it some color. If you have been reading our blog, you would by now know how much we love making our own DIY lampshades. And so, I wanted to do something about a lampshade that didn't have the Woodooz stamp.

Before the makeover

The shade was made of plain white cotton fabric and that made it much easier for me. I wanted this to be a really short and easy effort like the 15 minute lampshade DIY and so went with a very simple design.
Lampshade before the makeover
Lampshade - Before the makeover

After the Makeover

I used acrylic colors to fill the design and so, this is how it ended up looking. I am still undecided about the amount of white space in the shade. For now, I loved the simplicity of it and thought will add more designs and colors later.  I used all the primary colors just so it enables me to play around with the bedspread and the curtain colors in the future.

Lampshade - After the makeover
Lampshade Makeover DIY

Lampshade DIY
After the makeover
Let me know what you think ? Do you think I should have added more elements ? Please leave your comments and make my day. While you do that, I would also request you to join us on our Facebook page. Somu and I promise not to spam your wall.

~ Preethi

Have you read our other Lampshade posts ? 

Linking in : Colours Dekor
- Somu

So, we were cleaning up stuff and were wondering what to do with the leftover fabric of the earlier floor lamp . It was just one long strip of cloth and so there wasn't much left to do anything big. We didn't want to throw it off either and so we decided to use whatever that was available to convert our wall lamp into something colorful. So, here's what we did - A quickfire, 15 minute DIY.

DIY lamp shade, wall lap using fabric
DIY - Fabric Wall Lamp / Lamp Shade
  1. The wall fitting we zeroed in was just perfect for our need. It was square and was made of glass
  2. We unscrewed the glass fitting from the wall, and decided to merely cover it with the fabric.
  3. We cut the fabric to the required dimension, stretched and glued it onto the sides
Use fabric to make a DIY wall lamp
Fabric Lamp Shade
This is how it looked after we put the fitting back into its place.  Another DIY right in the entrance and we so love it. :)

P.S. Linking this post to Colours Dekor
- Somu

Custom made and sold.  We let the user pick the fabric herself and she chose an off white and beige striped jute fabric – Something that is neutral and can be used in any room irrespective of the room’s color theme. This was built to be used as a corner lamp (placed on the side table) in the drawing room of her new home.
Table lamp or bedside lamp using jute
Bedside Lamp
The base and the shade were made as separate units. Makes it easily portable and also enables her to mix and match the shade just in case a different colored one is sought in the future. This time around, we also managed to conceal the wire. Loved the way it had come out. Packed and sent !!!

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When we decided to do away with some of the old clothes, we thought we could put one of my old kurtas to good use... And thus began our first experiment with lamp shades.
making a lamp shade using old fabric / kurta
DIY Fabric Lamp Shade
Incidentally this is the first shade that we ever made... and was quite a learning experience. We used flat sticks to build the frame... and because it was flat, the shade looks a little odd from the side. While we have moved on and started using sticks that look the same on all the sides, this one still remains special. We are still wondering whether to use it with a lamp stand, or plant it on the wall, or hang it in the room :)

It was only after this that we started exploring shades using fabric... The rich color and the ethnicity that they exude when lit is quite interesting. Just the perfect option when we needed to match the shade with the rest of the living room accessories.

So, what do you think ? Leave us your feedback.

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We decided to build the whole package this time... the shade and the lamp base. 

The lampshade frame was made with wooden sticks as in the earlier cases.The lamp base was also made with wooden sticks nailed together. We went with straight cuts and a very simple design. The base was sanded, primed,painted (an undercoat and a top coat) and varnished for durability. Loved the way it turned out.
Using handmade paper for making bedside lamp shade
Bedside Lamp Shade  /
Hand Made paper shade

 For the shade, we chose handmade paper.We gave the shades of red a break and went with Magenta.. Need to conceal the wires next time around :)
- Somu

DIY lampshade using fabric
Fabric lamp shade
Made for a friend. She needed just a lamp shade. She already had a lamp stand for it. The only requirement was that it needs to match the drawing room accessories, and particularly the zebra striped sofa cushion. Rather, she just wanted something in black and white.                          

The frame was made using the wooden sticks nailed together and an inner layer of tracing sheet was glued to the frame. For the fabric, we spent sometime shopping until we found the one that we liked. Instead of going for the stripes, we decided to go for the spots. And the result was quite satisfying.
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- Somu

This one was interesting. Because we were making the floor lamp for someone else. And because they were paying for it. So, officially this was our first sale
And so extra care went into the making of it. We decided to have the base and the shade made separately, unlike the earlier one which was one single piece. The reason for it was a) to try something different this time and b) having the base separately enables easier replacement of bulbs.

DIY floor lamp,lamp shade
Floor lamp / Lamp Shade
Again, we used the wooded sticks for making the frame of the shade all of which were nailed together. The base was made with wooden linings (Edge bandings) that one normally uses for covering the exposed edges of plywood. They are about 3/4th of an inch wide, and less than 4mm thick. The base was built by sticking the wooden linings together using fevibond.

The cotton fabric was matched with the requirement of the buyer and a tracing sheet was used as the inner layer. The use of the tracing sheet is two fold : 1) Prevents the transfer of heat from the bulb directly to the fabric and 2) Does not expose the light directly to the eyes and hence enhances the look of the fabric when lit
- Somu

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