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When we decided to do away with some of the old clothes, we thought we could put one of my old kurtas to good use... And thus began our first experiment with lamp shades.
making a lamp shade using old fabric / kurta
DIY Fabric Lamp Shade
Incidentally this is the first shade that we ever made... and was quite a learning experience. We used flat sticks to build the frame... and because it was flat, the shade looks a little odd from the side. While we have moved on and started using sticks that look the same on all the sides, this one still remains special. We are still wondering whether to use it with a lamp stand, or plant it on the wall, or hang it in the room :)

It was only after this that we started exploring shades using fabric... The rich color and the ethnicity that they exude when lit is quite interesting. Just the perfect option when we needed to match the shade with the rest of the living room accessories.

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We decided to build the whole package this time... the shade and the lamp base. 

The lampshade frame was made with wooden sticks as in the earlier cases.The lamp base was also made with wooden sticks nailed together. We went with straight cuts and a very simple design. The base was sanded, primed,painted (an undercoat and a top coat) and varnished for durability. Loved the way it turned out.
Using handmade paper for making bedside lamp shade
Bedside Lamp Shade  /
Hand Made paper shade

 For the shade, we chose handmade paper.We gave the shades of red a break and went with Magenta.. Need to conceal the wires next time around :)
- Somu

DIY lampshade using fabric
Fabric lamp shade
Made for a friend. She needed just a lamp shade. She already had a lamp stand for it. The only requirement was that it needs to match the drawing room accessories, and particularly the zebra striped sofa cushion. Rather, she just wanted something in black and white.                          

The frame was made using the wooden sticks nailed together and an inner layer of tracing sheet was glued to the frame. For the fabric, we spent sometime shopping until we found the one that we liked. Instead of going for the stripes, we decided to go for the spots. And the result was quite satisfying.
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- Somu

This one was interesting. Because we were making the floor lamp for someone else. And because they were paying for it. So, officially this was our first sale
And so extra care went into the making of it. We decided to have the base and the shade made separately, unlike the earlier one which was one single piece. The reason for it was a) to try something different this time and b) having the base separately enables easier replacement of bulbs.

DIY floor lamp,lamp shade
Floor lamp / Lamp Shade
Again, we used the wooded sticks for making the frame of the shade all of which were nailed together. The base was made with wooden linings (Edge bandings) that one normally uses for covering the exposed edges of plywood. They are about 3/4th of an inch wide, and less than 4mm thick. The base was built by sticking the wooden linings together using fevibond.

The cotton fabric was matched with the requirement of the buyer and a tracing sheet was used as the inner layer. The use of the tracing sheet is two fold : 1) Prevents the transfer of heat from the bulb directly to the fabric and 2) Does not expose the light directly to the eyes and hence enhances the look of the fabric when lit
- Somu

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